Road Trip on the High Road.

The art originally intended to be posted yesterday.

The art originally intended to be posted yesterday.

The goal was to finish off vacation as far away from work as possible. when that plan was enacted, none of the things that happened earlier this week has unfolded, or were even strongly alluded to. The expectation was that after three weeks or so without the day to day political problems of our school site, we would be reinjected into the very same salt mine of stress. As a result, the plan here at the Fortress of Togetherness was to get as far away from that mentality as was both reasonable and financially viable.

That makes me typing this post from the road, in Santa Barbara. I know that I have been to Santa Barbara in the past, but recognize NONE of it. It’s much quieter than Los Angeles, much less urban, Sitting on the balcony, overlooking the pool while typing really does add to the 1960’s espionage film feeling. There’s old stonework, the promise of wine an hors d’ourves, and Old Town Santa Barbara about a block away. A friend recommended the James Joyce Pub, and as an english teacher, that seems just fine.

I’m thinking that this exodus from Los Angeles is still very much needed, despite the Big Changes that have just happened. For readers who had trouble with the subtle metaphors of the site, we just had an announcement of a Major Leadership Change. That’s a mixed bag, no matter whether you liked the direction of the school’s leadership, or didn’t. The fact of the matter is, a new leader will have to come in, and make heads or tails of what is happening, in a school that is having some troubles. Just like I didn’t envy the job before, and had moments of real sympathy, I definitely don’t envy the person coming in.

Coming in on Monday, to a confused staff. Word has that there is “cautious optimism” from those who were on site for the announcement.

I was not. I was getting my car back from the shop (yay!) and preparing for this field trip. For instance figuring out where the Kalyra Winery is…and do they have a decent Cabernet Sauvignon? What’s the dinner menu like at this James Joyce Pub? Does it need for me to look fancy? These were the things occupying the bulk of my mental energy.

Also, where there might be a comic book store around here, to get my stash.

In other words…I’m STILL taking the route that I had planned before leaving. Before the changes in leadership and staff. These are things that for the moment, are completely outside my control, and I need to accept that, and relax a bit.

Still though…fielding calls and texts from my staff, I got to thinking about the new challenges, and the new situations, a bit. This new leader will be stepping into a story already in progress, some things that were set in motion long before her arrival. Many of those things are positive, sure…many more are like old land mines, waiting to go off when unexpectedly stepped on. thinking about those challenges, many of them financial and scheduling based, led me to draw bonus art this morning. Initially, the similar composition was going to be Saturday’s post…but things change. Pretty quickly, in fact.

Still kind of locked into the "espionage' theme that Agents of SHIELD promoted.

Still kind of locked into the “espionage’ theme that Agents of SHIELD promoted.

It’s pretty on point, about being troubled about what is going wrong behind you, while trying to get the car flying forward. Possibly to Santa Barbara. I’m actually pretty glad about the text and logo based changes, and working without them allows a sort of flexibility about cover art. At some point, I’ll need to make a list of the various spinoff books from Adequacy, in this case “Satisfactory Tales.” It seemed on point…Agents of SHIELD has its roots in “Strange Tales.”

Still…note that our hero isn’t really doing anything about it. Sure the car shoots fancy rockets from under the spoiler. Who knows if they do anything…that egg ship doesn’t look phased. Sure the egg ship has a giant @#$% laser…it missed, right?

Yep. This depicts the state of grace, the crisis without progress, that the next few days are. Plenty of people can write e-mails, and text, and some can have meetings. But precious little can happen until we are all back in place.

the art without retro comics trade dress, cropped.

the art without retro comics trade dress, cropped.

In that vein…I’m also trying not to get too ahead of the return, in art and plot. This is new territory, and I have no idea what it will be like. That too, is exciting.

Not as exciting as the view right now, and the idea of dinner at a place named after James Joyce.



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