Boom! Comics Sketch Cover: Star Trek/Planet of the Apes!

This has absolutely nothing to so with my vacation.

This has absolutely nothing to so with my vacation.

I like classic Star Trek a lot. A LOT. I’m also a big fan of the old school “Planet of the Apes” films. So…when you get down to it, I should be a huge fan of this book. Heck, I’m even quite friendly with the publisher. Well…one of the Publishers, who I have given Header Credit to. I do have to say that I was very excited that there was a “draw on it” sketch variant for this book…and that’s pretty much what made the sale.

It’s not rocket science what’s happening in the book, either. Sticking with the 1960s and ’70s versions of the franchises, respectively, this series opens up by sending members of the Enterprise deep undercover. The crew of the Enterprise quickly find themselves heavily embroiled in a firefight with the Klingons. Adhering to the look of the 1960s series, the Klingons are pretty old school, not like the Adorable Klingons on my cover. The art was very solid, and the story presented accurately in the Star Trek vein, with good representations of the characters.

Now…here’s when I have to get a bit of my geek continuity on.

In the 1968 film, Planet of the Apes,astronaut George Taylor crashlands on the planet Earth in the year 3978. The date is shown ON THE CLOCK after crashing:

That's one hell of a digital clock.

That’s one hell of a digital clock.

In the subsequent film,Beneath the Planet of the Apes,another astronaut lands some months afterwards, saying that the year is 3955. Clearly, this is just a script continuity error that we have been stuck with for decades now. Yet again, in Escape From The Planet Of The Apes,the reading from the original ship is described as “thirty-nine fifty… something”…avoiding continuity errors through vagueness. The thing is…that clock is pretty @#$% clear. If you could read the “thirty nine,” you can read the rest of it.

Still…as he tends to, Mr. Spock slaps down continuity and time travel problems in this issue, firmly establishing the Charlton Heston date as THE date:

I'm not going to argue with him.  Technically, he agrees with me.

I’m not going to argue with him. Technically, he agrees with me.

Granted, even with time travel, if the Federation crumbled the second after the Enterprise time jumped, there still isn’t enough time for Apes to evolve that much. It’s a pleasant continuation of one of the hokier aspects of the idea of Planet of the Apes, that you will note that Spock just plain confirms in panel two. He just gets it out of the way…divergent timeline, divergent evolution.

All of issue one is basically set up, with the last page reveal being “Oh snap! Planet of the Apes!” Since that was on the cover, and in the title, it’s not much of a reveal.

Artistically, the cover was fun. There are no giant apes on the Planet of the Apes, but the protagonist has massive super strength, so it seemed like the ape should be giant. Also, it is more fun to draw giant apes. Drawing the redshirt uniform, this time with jeans, on our hero was also fun…I love that groovy sixties goodness. Further, the Klingon ship, either cloaking or decloaking (no idea which) was actually part of the cover…! Right? It made me want to trot out the Adorable Klingons again, looking over things as if it were all part of The Plan, like several of the Original Series episodes portrayed them.

Fun to draw. No Dr. Zaius though, and I am a known, DIE HARD Zaius fan. Maybe in a later post.

Prepare for a Sunday Bonus Post! Whaaat?!

Next Issue: Where Have All The Swingers Gone?

Well, today’s Star Trek/Planet Of The Apes #1 lets Spock decides the date once and for all.


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