The Itsy Bitsy Spider…and Thousands of His Friends.

Actually, it isn't THAT bad.

Actually, it isn’t THAT bad.

One of the neighboring Math teachers on my floor walked up to me on the first day back. She had a look of abject terror on her face, and she said, “You know what I just found on my desk?”

Clueless but concerned, I said simply, “No…what?” This was caution at its highest…the Math teacher is pretty tough.

“Dozens of rat droppings. DOZENS.”

I did not expect for the answer to be a preponderance of poos. I looked back to my own room, with the “Breakfast in the Classroom” cart waiting in front of it, and nodded sagely. With Merlin like wisdom I replied, “Yeah…makes me glad that I pretty much don’t use my desk. We should probably rethink serving breakfast.”

Later in the day, the history teacher downstairs regaled us with some of his favorite photographs of cockroach infestation. That was pretty grotesque, actually. We were reminded of two teachers in the main building, who had similar rodent infestations to the Math teacher near me.

I’ll admit…this is an important thing to address. It is, especially now that the classroom is an eating area. At that point…it’s all about students and their safety, and the hygenic nature of the class/eating area. Still…it is so easy to address. It’s almost excellently simple. It’s not like the systemic, long term breakdown of procedure and educational process that we have had…nor is it a gang conflict or toxic leak of some kind.

It’s a thing that you call custodial services about, and they handle it. Which they did. Problem…notification…solution.

It has been a while since we have seen that, and openly. In addition, the past two days have been calm. Peaceful, really. No major student conflicts, no big problems. My classes have been doing work, and serious about it. Almost like real school.

I am feeling cautiously optimistic.

About the art…intellectually, I know that rats are foul. Foul. Still…I find insects and spiders far, far worse, so I went with that. Many of the webs are sheet like, because I felt like trying a different, stronger looking kind of web. See Spider-Man? He’s wearing the Future Foundation uniform, for two reasons:

1. Reed and Sue gave HIM a uniform he he stood in for Johnny.
2. I didn’t want to draw all the webs on the standard costume.

Check it in Panel Three…with Ben and Sue wrapped in web cocoon, and Reed covered with spiders, he is fully prepared to use the Ultimate Nullifier on the Five Hundred Building, while weeping.

That’s pretty much how our Math teacher felt.

Next Issue: Skrulls Full of Spite!


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