Union Meeting…After the Fall.

Sight unseen...this is a foregone conclusion.

Sight unseen…this is a foregone conclusion.

The day of this post, our Union Area Rep and Union Vice President will be coming to speak to our staff. They are ostensibly coming to address the fact that they had little to nothing to do with the removal of our principal, despite large numbers of staff members reaching out. Another issue is more on point for them…it is highly probable that our hours “on the clock” are not being correctly paid…exactly the sort of thing a Labor Union deals with. That also has not been dealt with, despite both these individuals knowing about it.

Like most Union Tools, they will be coming to us with their own agenda. They are in the midst of their “school site blitz”, where the Union leaders come to campuses in an attempt to drum up support for their negotiations. That seems remarkably half @#$ed to me…you DON’T support the stakeholders who pay your salary in their day to day grievances, but you DO expect them to show up for your @#$%.

I will most definitely be calling them out on that.

The art is about that. Freeing the Skrull Cow livestock, which can be riled up into aggressiveness easily, especially if there is a herd. That’s what the Union is all about, and lacking answers from them about our school site specific issues, I am firmly on the opposite side of that.

The metaphor isn’t subtle, people. It never is, here.


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