Enter…the Baby Shower!

So, yeah...this is a thing that happens.  Baby Showers, that is.

So, yeah…this is a thing that happens. Baby Showers, that is.

I had a killer migraine for much of Friday, and Saturday I need to go to a “Co-Ed, Lesbian Baby Shower.” I asked about the modifiers, and “Co-Ed” means that both men and women will be there, as opposed to the usual women only format. “Lesbian” describes the parents…meaning that you don’t have to be a lesbian to go to the party, nor is the baby already determined to be a lesbian.

All of this is new ground to me…I have never been to any kind of baby shower.

Apparently, bringing a quantity of diapers gets you into a raffle. Diapers are a constantly consumed commodity for babies, you go through them like, well, like toilet paper.

About the art…some serious trivia there. Madelyne “Maddie” Pryor tends to in books published by Marvel Comics, in particular those featuring the X-Men. In one of the first X-Men comics I ever read, No. 175, she is the love interest of Cyclops, and gets married to him by the end of the issue. She also looks uncannily like his dead girlfriend, a major plot point of that double sized issue. She became a long-standing member of the X-Men supporting cast, until a series of traumas (being abandoned by her husband, losing her infant son, and discovering that she was a clone of Jean Grey) eventually led to her being manipulated into becoming a supervillain. That’s her super villain gear above, as the Goblin Queen. I’ve wanted to draw it, and her for a while, but there was no real reason. Her outfit is bafflingly risque, like much of Marc Silvestri’s costume designs.

That’s the Cliff’s Notes Verion of one of the most convuluted, retconned stories in comics. It turns out that through a complex series of later events, the baby is infected with a Techno Organic Virus (sounds like a metal band to me) and hurled forward in time…only to grow up and become the time traveling superhero name Cable.

I’m thinking that today will be less eventful. It is probable though that Scott and Maddy DID have some kind of baby shower.


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