The Good, The Bad, and the Ponies…!

"The Bad" is clearly planning some kind of Reverse Rodeo.

“The Bad” is clearly planning some kind of Reverse Rodeo.

Reverse Rodeo Week Continues!

I’m posting this at the end of Monday, leading into Tuesday. Today saw something of a return to type on campus. Students once again roamed in the hallways during class time with a kind of impunity, and it was nigh impossible to raise any administrators or supervisors on any kind of comms once lunch had passed us by. After two weeks of more or less pristine classes, it was bound to happen. Still…a bit disheartening. Especially after I stood up in a behind the scenes forum for the “powers that be” that I felt they had renewed a commitment to a peaceful, excellent campus.

I like to think that applejack and I fought the Good Fight, without much support, today. Hence the first part of the art.

Tuesday, the day of this post, has department meetings (which had not been the plan) followed by a brief Faculty meeting on the Second Step Program. Second Step is an anti-bullying, pro social program that has been endorsed by the district, but thus far half heartedly implemented by our Admin and staff. At one point, when I was complaining that my “Career Awareness” elective had no curriculum, one “instructional Specialist” handed me the “Second Step” binder, saying “teach this.”

I explained, briefly that it had nothing to do with Career Awareness. The reply was simply, “So what…it’s district approved,” with a turned back and strut away.

Maybe he’s the Bad. Maybe the Union people that let this happen are the Bad. Maybe there’s a combination of the two…the Bad being those who only step up when they feel empowered, and don’t know how to stand up for the Little Guy, or fight the Good Fight.

I watched the same fellow miss an entire fight unfolding today after school. The kind of thing that if you step outside yourself, and listen to the kids around you, they clearly expressed was about to happen. I tried to step in, but was too late…only being able to be in one place at a time, and shorthanded on supervision support.

As a result, I eagerly await the presentation of this Second Step material, forearmed with those very anecdotes. Also…the department chairs seemed unaware that there was going to be a department meeting taking place, so I can’t say that the first meeting will be the most useful of time spent. The last English department meeting did have real educational viability…it allowed myself and a partner the time to set out a two month pacing plan. In a perfect world, those efforts will be expanded upon.

Sadly…I have learned not to expect a perfect world. Instead, I’m counting on some kind of Reverse Rodeo. In that dark, dystopian Planet of the Livestock, things like the Union undermining Administration working WITH us makes sense. In that same bizarro world, me writing in e-mail in support of those who were my adversaries as little as a month ago makes total sense.

I did that today, by the way. To be rewarded with no supervision or support, which seemed like a reverse of the Reverse Rodeo…making it just a copy of the first Rodeo. I’m expecting the Rodeo to reverse at least once more.

Still…the Reverse Rodeo is still shaking my imagination like it owes it money. I decided to do a cover origin of the Alien Skrull Cowgirl, a la late fifties/early sixties Marvel comics:

As you like it!

As you like it!

That’s got everything. An alien in cow print chaps turning into a minotaur. A rocket. A random but cute soldier. A pony. All kinds of questions. Honestly, the Union members at school who are stealthy, and randomly flipping into more powerful but ill conceived forms like the giant minotaur, are a serious danger right now. I’d like a raise too…but I think we need to focus on our quality of life from day to day. Maybe we shouldn’t keep trying to run down staff that are no longer on campus, and take the reprieve from persecution to do what we need to do.

I’m just saying.

Without old school Marvel trade dress.

Without old school Marvel trade dress.

Still unnamed, this character remains integral to Reverse Rodeo Week.

Of course.

Next Issue: Riled Up at the Reverse Rodeo!


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