Reverse Rodeo To Boot Hill…!

This was far easier to draw than it looks.  Surprisingly.

This was far easier to draw than it looks. Surprisingly.

First off, I almost want to have a contest to name the Skrull Cowgirl. She’s finally doing something in the artwork…and in this piece, she is bringing the Thunder, big time. I guess she was doing something in yesterday’s bonus art, where she was turning into a Giant Space Minotaur of some kind…but she wasn’t bringing the Reverse Rodeo home like she is on the cover at above.

Secondly…all of you who are coming up with some massive subtext here, or reading all sorts of messages into the material, I want to just take a moment to share my reference material with you. Action Comics No. 469, published by DC Comics in 1977:

The source image that I used as reference.

The source image that I used as reference.

I’m amazed that I had forgotten the cover image, although I don’t actually own this issue of Action Comics, featuring Terra-Man. Terra-Man is a cowboy kidnapped by aliens in the late 1800’s given powers and cowboy themed equipment by them in compensation for their experiments. I found the image again by looking for “superhero rodeo comics” online. Go figure.

It’s been my quest to keep Reverse Rodeo Week going.

Apparently, the Teacher’s Union agrees with me. To call the negotiations for the new contract arcane, backbreaking, and contradictory is to truly understate the nature of that beast. The Union is now sending daily updates about the negotiations, and openly asking members about their availability to strike. In the same breath, those Union officers are willing to talk about settling for far less than they are asking, and dread a strike.

We got an update that 3 million dollars was put in a strike fund. That to me seems like planning for a strike. Still…with over 30,000 teachers in the district…that’s a hundred bucks per teacher in the fund. Less actually…I was rounding the number of teachers downward. Substitute teachers make substantially more than that a day.

So I’m unclear as to the mixed message. Are we preparing for a strike? Or is it a strike designed to hurt the membership, much like that Alien Cowgirl aggressively riding on our hero’s back above the city? I’m thinking the Union’s actions make as much sense. Maybe less sense.

Without logos and trade dress.

Without logos and trade dress.

We had the Second Step training today, and that also felt as logical as a Reverse Rodeo. The program was clearly designed to start at the beginning of a school year, but we are starting it in week 23. In addition, much of the presentation was about how to use the material in conjunction with technology that we either don’t have, or don’t have access privileges for. Regardless, we are supposed to start with this soon.

Again…Reverse Rodeo logic. It’s like Bizarro logic, but somehow more odd…perhaps because it’s not just backwards, but instead almost adversarial in it’s confusing competition.

Tomorrow, Reverse Rodeo Week continues, with special guest star, Wolverine! Sort of. As a result, a teaser sketch:

Mini-Marvel's style Wolverine!  He's the best there is at looking cute!

Mini-Marvel’s style Wolverine! He’s the best there is at looking cute!

Be there, True Believers!


2 thoughts on “Reverse Rodeo To Boot Hill…!

  1. Regarding the name for your Skrull cowgirl, maybe you could keep it old school with something like “Bovine Betty” which in the Skrull language might be written as B’v’ne B’tty. Have there been other suggestions? What’s your short list?

    • Thus far…that is the only suggestion on hand. The use of extraneous punctuation for no reason is a convention of both Skrull, Shi’ar, and Klingon languages though…and thus, very much on point.

      Right now…B’v’ne B’tty is the front runner.

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