And Now…the Wolverine! (We Hardly Knew Ya…)

Sadly, Wolverine did not appear to settle the Reverse Rodeo in my hallway today.

Sadly, Wolverine did not appear to settle the Reverse Rodeo in my hallway today.

I have a love-hate relationship with all of today’s art. I drew the panels above quite literally between classes, on a clipboard…so on some level, I am very happy with the speed to quality ration. Also, the composition of panel one is something I would not have been able to set up very quickly or well at this time last year.

Still…the digital quality of panel one is odd….with a weird fading toward the top. I did my best to correct for it, but it’s a DAILY schedule, with an actual day job, so it stopped where you see it. Also, my digital editor is doing this odd image resizing when I paste one image onto another one, but only sometimes. That happened with the upper set of panels, creating a mild distortion that displeased me.

Still, that’s two separate pages pasted together vertically, which was an interesting compositional endeavour…another thing that I wouldn’t have even attempted a year ago. So, in terms of the art, it is a pretty love-hate set of issues…I would have liked sharper images, with more fidelity to the actual pages…but it came together FAST, and with composition I wouldn’t have even attempted before.

Now, about the content. Our campus has been heating up a bit, with students acting out to see what the new limits might be. My classrooms are an oasis of peace, but the hallways are another matter. There were some points with our repeat truants today that make panel one look calm, and reasonable.

Just as wolverine no longer appears in Marvel Comics, he did not appear to solve the problems in my hall.

Yes True Believers…Wolverine was killed off by Marvel late in 2014. It was a big “event” book, stemming in part from the fact that Isaac Perlmutter, CEO of Marvel and largest single shareholder in Disney, is not happy with Marvel “promoting licenses that they don’t have the film rights to.” The last year saw Wolverine first losing his healing factor, and then gradually being injured to a worse and worse degree. Finally, no longer able to heal from any wound, he is done in by being baptized in molten adamantium.


I used to LOVE Wolverine. In the eighties, when he was a relatively new character in the X-men, he brought a rough, gritty element of realism to superhero comics that weren’t there before. He had a mysterious past, had complexity of character and motive, and even though he could recover from pretty much any injury, it HURT him. A sword went through his torso in his first limited series, and that was like, “Whoa!? They DID that?”

Over time though, the character’s mysterious past was revealed, retconned, re-revealed, and retconned again. It became murky and confusing instead of interesting. The Adamantium was famously snapped out of him by magneto, only to cause him to mutate into some strange creature, revert, and then be re-infused with adamantium in his skeleton. His origin was re-written AGAIN.

Wolverine appeared in so many books, and had so much happen to him, that he was overexposed to the point of being played out. Removed from his ensemble cast, he isn’t that interesting…he’s a tough guy who solves ninety percent of his problems by stabbing them. Got it.

Occasionally, they bring in a writer like Greg Rucka who returns to fun with the character for a while…but the recent effort of “no healing factor” was grasping at straws. Much like “no adamantium,” the reader isn’t that interested in temporary changes to status quo, so much as a good story.

It was actually some time ago that the character stopped being a draw for me to read a comic…and noticing that makes me a little sad. In fact, this might be his first direct appearance in Adequacy. Even the art above suggests that he was part of the Reverse Rodeo, possibly even some kind of Skrullverine.

Yes it has, bub.

Yes it has, bub.

So, as I get ready to go to the comic book store, I won’t be finding Logan in any comic, except as a flashback. Now that he’s gone, as opposed to grievously overexposed, I miss the violent, possibly not very literate Canadian. I’m not really clamoring for a return though. Some time out of print might do the concept some real good, or give Marvel some time to come up with a direction for the character.

Even that art above gave me hassles, with a fuzziness around the thought balloon. I love drawing in the style of Chris Giarrusso, of “Mini Marvels” fame…he gets a huge amount of expression and draftsmanship from a small number of lines. Truly a unique approach in today’s comics marketplace…I really think he should get more work and recognition.

The Next Issue…is not even DRAWN yet. To the Drawing Board!


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