Into the Great Wide Open, Under the Skies of Blue.

An action packed end to an action packed week!

An action packed end to an action packed week!

So this is the end of Reverse Rodeo Week.

The teachers’ union is still comporting itself in genuine Reverse Rodeo fashion, sending out e-mail propaganda on a daily basis about their negotiations, and all of the “Actions” that we should be prepared to take. These mails suggest that they have been “very successful thus far” in negotiating. I’m not seeing that, so much, unless they have a very different definition of that than I do.

Some students are beginning to “try out” the new leadership on campus, and see how consistently rules would be enforced. There seemed to be a feeling that she was tough for one day, but would not be able to maintain that toughness. Students were rapidly disabused of that notion…apparently the new principal can maintain toughness over time, as she demonstrated calmly and clearly.

Regardless, it will take some time to bring thing back into order. The byproduct of the last calendar year of chaos is that students have learned a group of behavioral habits that now need to be changed. The principal spoke briefly with me about the “culture of fighting on campus.” She expressed, intelligently, that the fights themselves were not so much the issue, as the rowdy spectator culture that encouraged them, and went to watch.

The art sans logos.

The art sans logos.

There’s a lot going on in the artwork. First, its suggested that there is a light rain. That’s because it was raining yesterday, True Believers. The Super Skrull Cowgirl is being laid out in a graveyard, where the headstone for Common Sense is Clearly Visible. Note that Common Sense died in the Year of the Darth. And of course, from the ground, the hand of a returning Bizarro.

Bizarro logic is firmly in place. This week, an administrator asked Tool Site Council to buy the curriculum for a class that started three weeks ago. Another administrator encouraged the bringing of skateboards to the after school program, because even though skateboards are not allowed on campus, the admin staff wouldn’t be there after school. Arrested students were returned to school the next day…and since law enforcement was involved, the school had deferred its own discipline. We are starting to attempt to enforce rules on the 23rd week of school.

All I need is a cube shape globe of the Earth, and Bizarro world is confirmed.

Still…amidst all of that, improvement is happening. The Reverse Rodeo of the powerless riding on the backs of the useful, of the rank and file bailing out the managing company and the superintendents..that was weird, but also a step toward improvement. A tiring step, which is why Reverse Rodeo, the Adequate Comics Event ends with…

Applejack has had a hard week at the Reverse Rodeo.

Applejack has had a hard week at the Reverse Rodeo.

Next Issue…it’s February!


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