Taco Tuesday!

See?  She just wants to share tacos at the mall.  That MUST be a good thing.

See? She just wants to share tacos at the mall. That MUST be a good thing.

In the wake of new leadership, students are actively testing the limits to see what will happen. Fighting is on the rise, as is tagging and vandalism. Student drug use is more open, and in general, things that one would feel are not okay on a school campus are being checked. In the same way that you probe a loose tooth, to see how loose it is…that’s the adolescent mind.

Still…in the wake of trying to maintain order amidst such chaos, I’m trying, to a degree, to focus on more positive things. Our hero won’t be appearing in this post, because she is far too entrenched with school operations, at least as a metaphor. Instead…I’d rather focus on something positive…

…Friendship and tacos.

I just met a trio of young ladies at school who are anime enthusiasts, and draw a huge volume of their own comics in the Japanese style. That motivated me to draw the young lady above, with her empty chair, inviting the viewer to have some tacos. The young ladies and I have been discussing drawing over lunch, and it is the sole part of my day that is good, in terms of work.

Secondarily, we are talking about tacos. Tacos continue to surge in popularity and it’s easy to see why –– the small tortilla bundles are filled with a variety of meat, seafood and vegetables cooked in savory sauces and are piled with bright, spicy toppings. What’s not to love about that? Nothing, True Believer….a whole lot of nothing. Tacos are great. Heck, Maya Angelou once said, “Friendship and tacos are the two greatest things that life has to offer.”

The Beatles sang something along the lines of, “and in the end the love you take is equal to the number of tacos you make,” or something like that. They were British so they were somewhat hard to understand.

I Googled "Beatles and Tacos."  My point is made.

I Googled “Beatles and Tacos.” My point is made.

The previous quotes might be accurate…they might not. I can’t be sure, having not been there. Still, if those quotes are accurate, Maya Angelou and The Beatles were spot on. Tacos and friendship are all you need sometimes in “this ever changing world in which we live in.” That was the Beatles…or at least Paul McCartney in “Live and Let Die.”

Combine these two necessities (Friendship and Tacos, pay attention) and you get what I call TACO TUESDAY! Taco Tuesday is the tastiest day of the week.



So remember…you say NO to drugs. Totally. But you say YES to Tacos…emphatically. That hard line in the sand is the only way for superheroes. So on this Tuesday, enjoy that spicy sandwich from the South, True Believers.

Next Issue: Bad Strategy…!


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