The Coming of the Pony Hulk!

Flyers and e-mails provide some of the gamma spawned rage here, too.

Flyers and e-mails provide some of the gamma spawned rage here, too.

So, usually I represent the Union as a bunch of Red Hulks and Mercenaries. This is to demonstrate the lack of real planning, forethought, and intelligence, as well as the sort of “let’s buy some support” that mercenaries are. That’s pretty straightforward to me, and I’ve gotten used to the mentality. For a brief time, my team and I teamed up with the Union, because for a tiny period, we had a common cause. That cause is over now, and I would like to put forth that short of our Chapter Chair, the Union itself did nothing to assist.

They did lie to us a whole lot. I’m talking to you, Area Rep and Vice President of Secondary Education. You know who you are.

Still…this year is seeing the creation of a new kind of Union Activist, one that I haven’t seen in prior years. Seriously, in some sixteen prior years.

New teachers…the naive ones that hide in their rooms. These teachers are starting to do things like go to the recent rally, and reach out for Union support. The same teachers that have never seen the contract, and are unaware of the “reverse order of seniority” rule that would lay them off pretty quickly. This group of shy, inexperienced teachers are getting a regular stream of rhetoric from Caputo-Pearl and his ilk, and it seems to be doing its job, to some extent. These new teachers are starting to stand up, to support the Union in odd ways. Going to the rally is one thing, but some of the other expressions are…impressive in their ability to confuse.

More importantly, these same teachers are tending to…kind of break a bit, fray at the edges like Dr. Banner. They are met with the insane conditions present at our school, and at times respond in ways that are understandable, but would not be endorsed by the district. After such a “rage dump” that group of teachers is only too willing to get in line for Union protection and representation.

When drawing the art above, I was fascinated. Pony, or any of the other Ponies in the strip usually represent my motivation or state of mind. Hulk Pony does that pretty well…I’m angry all the time right now. The smallest things will set me off, and really…our school is not known for the small things.

The Rampaging Hulk Pony without cover dress.

The Rampaging Hulk Pony without cover dress.

Hulk Pony has captured my imagination. The idea of raging unchecked, and hoping that the Union, composed of other Hulks and various Darths will bail you out, fascinates me. Already, Hulk Pony is in a mess of the week’s art. It’s interesting, because although I’m way happy with the art above…I don’t fully have in my mind the way to DRAW Hulk Pony. There has been a huge mess of variance already, in this post (wait for it) and in the posts to come. Ultimately, it comes from two things:

1. I don’t draw the Hulk very often. When I do, it’s often a Baby Hulk, since the Union is often pretty much like a big baby.

2. Pony Hulk doesn’t have hands. The “arms” just sort of end in marshmallow hooves, like ponies. That’s hard to get my brain around.

On site, though, I often spontaneously see a new teacher “Hulk out.” There’s a rule, or a line in the sand that they just won’t see crossed, and once that is brought up, the most mild mannered of newbies kind of lose it. Sometimes they need some support, sometimes they don’t. I often watch, thinking, “That’s boiling right below the surface for me.” I draw, instead, or wait until I am calm, and say things that need to be said in public forums.

Still…with today’s constant tagging, truancy, theft, and fighting…it was hard not to be sympathetic. Hulk Pony became a sort of mental mascot, embodying my motivations much more than Pony right now.

I did an homage to Hulk No. 1, because I was so excited about the idea. Previously I homaged this cover during Reverse Rodeo Week…but Marvel feeds at this trough often enough I felt okay about it. Hulk Pony looks different here, but I will point out that the Hulk looked different, and was grey in issue No. 1. It wasn’t until Stan Lee decided green came off the page better, and would sell more books, that the Hulk turned green, as we expect. That having been said, check this “first appearance” cover:

As you like it!

As you like it!

On purpose, I will have to sit through staff and Union meetings the day of this post. Only time will tell how they go.

Expect more Hulk Pony this week, True Believers!


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