@#$%ing Lasers, Dolphins, Pony Hulk and Groot.

This makes her Alien American Saturday Observance more fair.  Aquaman does not look happy.

This makes her Alien American Saturday Observance more fair. Aquaman does not look happy.

That’s right…it’ Saturday. That day of rest when Alien Americans punch dolphins in the mouth, out of Tradition. It has been pointed out to me by more than one person that this seems unfair, that the dolphins don’t have superpowers like most alien Americans do. I wasn’t really sure how to approach that, or also the problem of Star Trek’s Xindi-Aquatic, who are Alien Dolphin Terrorists. I did not make that up, True Believers.

Finally, Dr. Evil provided the answer. @#$%ing lasers. He wanted them on sharks, but wound up with ill tempered sea-bass instead. As the art unfolded, it got into more of a video game mentality…rockets, lasers, and who knows what. There are a lot of boxes.

Still, our hero is smiling. I’m not even in such a bad mood. At this moment, I have no obligations, no giant struggle. There is no student to protect from a fight, instead of me teaching English or starting an art project. Nothing but Saturday. I even have a videogame on my Kindle involving dolphins.

This week was NOT GOOD. I also lost this tiny little Guardians of the Galaxy charm set, from around my neck. Like, twice I nearly lost it. Any part of it that wasn’t the charms themselves, custom made on Etsy, @#$%ing disintegrated. In two, very rapid stages.

This turned into the Last Straw. Seriously, it was something that both times, made me a little crazy, like the discussion of Pony Hulk’s leaflet powered syndrome. Both times, the combination of rage and good planning allowed Rocket, Groot and Star-Lord to be recovered. If the necklace sounds cool to you, you can check it out here. I do really like it.

Now, thanks to the assistance of Pony Hulk (I’ll explain that next post) the three space heroes are back, and desperately clutching to the protagonist, Pony, and the TARDIS, on another chain.

Yay!  Thanks Pony Hulk!

Yay! Thanks Pony Hulk!

I’m getting the hang of Pony Hulk, which is good, as Pony Hulk week draws to a close. We will definitely see Pony Hulk among the cast, though, so that evolution was pretty important.

Now, I’m going to draw, and play videogames with dolphins in them.

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