Disney Princess Team Up Week: Merida! (Plus…Cheese Fairy!)

Going to school this Monday feels like this.

Going to school this Monday feels like this.

Think about what I’m saying here. That’s a huge dragon, a MAGIC dragon, on a forbidding cliff, which is in fact itself on fire. Any one of those things is a chore to deal with, and you could get an issue of a comic book out of. For instance, “Our hero and Merida deal with the Forbidden Cliffs!” or “Raging Inferno!”

See? Each ONE of those conditions.

Here, however, we have all of those conditions simultaneously happening. I have to admit, Merida has some experience with dark forests and Magic Bears, but this might be an order of magnitude more. That kind of magnitude…that is what the endemic problems of my school feel like, on a Monday.

In addition to the usual, there is a Tool Site Council meeting about next years budget. We are losing a WHOLE LOT of grant money, and positions will be going up in smoke as a result. I haven’t been contacted by the voting members of the Council, which is pretty typical. The problem with that is that there are going to be really hard decisions to be made there, and I’m not certain that any or all of them have the knowledge or experience to do that very well.

Also, there is this “Reed Settlement” training, which we all have to do, being at an identified Reed School. It’s all in a big rush since it is past deadline, but it counts as “specialized training” to keep teachers from our school from being “bumped” in reverse order of seniority. My co-teacher and I have so many years in that this is a remote possibility anyway, but it’s also real money in my pocket.

Then there’s the statistics about the school’s discipline…which is why I imagine sweeping problems. Seeing it all in one place…makes it really obvious what’s going on.

Let’s not forget lesson planning. A parent meeting Tuesday morning. A report card calculation to be prepared and entered. Oh…and the attendance accounting system need to be corrected, all the way back to October…by Friday.

The art without cover dress.  I really liked "Brave" and have wanted to do something about it for a while.

The art without cover dress. I really liked “Brave” and have wanted to do something about it for a while.

Bringing me back to the art. Right now, I think you need to be pretty @#$%ing Brave to keep coming back into our school. I’ve wanted to do something incorporating Merida for a while, and didn’t for the whole issue about making her visually aligned to the other Disney Princesses. Still, it was a good movie, and I really liked the story and the character.

When Disney bought Marvel, the whole comic book reading internet lost its collective mind, thinking that Marvel was going to Disney Up everything. That didn’t happen. They also feared crossovers and mashups of the kind above, which also did not happen. The fact is, Disney bought Marvel, so that they could have access to a new client base that they could sell product to, a la the highly effective Disney machine.

Still…this is Disney Princess Team Up week at Tales of Adequacy! Rejoice!

I was going to make up a new cover logo for a title, but realized that Marvel Two in one was just as good for my purposes as Disney Team Up, so I left it. I’m just not getting any more mileage by adding a new title to the family of titles.

Also note that the backup story/art introduces a dynamic new character: Cheese Fairy! Cheese Fairy is exactly that…her wings are clearly made from some kind of Swiss Cheese, as is a lot of her outfit. She’s Tinkerbell sized, and goes on Dairy Related missions, like the “Gouda Quest” mentioned above. She came about because my students during Breakfast in the Classroom call Grilled Cheese Sandwiches “Cheese Toast.” I’ve never heard that, and it seems pretty inaccurate. You’re not making toast at all.

Still, they are mental for it, like kids everywhere. So, when I sat down to draw, the idea of a Cheese Fairy, some sort of tiny superhero that would go on Dairy Crusades, seemed cool. As a result you have the subsection above.

Also, you have Pony Hulk, but not yet Hulked Out. Perhaps there is an absence of Union Propaganda, or maybe Pony Hulk hasn’t seen the new tagging in the building. I’m not sure, but this is a second day without Hulking Out. Way to go, Dr. Pony.

Merida’s inclusion also stemmed in part from a close friend, who wanted a Chibi Style Hawkeye. Action Figure, keychain, it didn’t matter. A cursory web search failed to find that, which confused me immensely. What with the Avengers movie making that much money, and an upcoming Avengers movie, it seemed like this would have to exist. Right?

Except that Hawkeye is a guy that brings a bow and arrow to a fight that you bring Thor to. Iron Man is rolling out with lasers and rockets, and he comes to the table with a weapon that was phased out before America was a thing. In terms of superhero usefulness, it’s pretty clear that he’s not bringing all that much to the proverbial table. Heck…at least Merida fights better than most people in Scotland, fights magic bears, and shoots like Hawkeye from a moving horse. That’s pretty good stuff.

Let’s look at this week’s “B plot”…

The note says it all...

The note says it all…

See? Clearly stated. Merida has arrows too, and a @#$%load of Disney Merchandise. Clearly, for a team up, she’s the choice here, Hawkeye.

In a related point…the B plot is done in the style of the incredible Chris Giarrusso. Responsible for Mini Marvels and G-Man, he is perhaps one of the most under rated creators in comics. I’m a huge fan of his work, which is both clever and All Ages appropriate. You should check out his web site here.

Next Issue: More Princess Team Up! More Baby Hawkeye! Be there!

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