Disney Princess Team Up Week: Leia of Alderaan!

It is HARD to draw like this.

It is HARD to draw like this.

Disney/Marvel is NOT screwing around. Their sales figures on the new crop of star Wars books is nothing short of EPIC. Solid covers, great creative teams, and a good story for books that are licensed come together to make a winning combination, at least for sales figures. The Leia book read reasonably well, and was artistically beautiful to look at. As in the film, the majority of the Alliance appears to be humanoid, but the Dodsons are afforded the luxury to introduce characters like Admiral Ackbar into the Marvel Comics’ “Star Wars” universe. Other Mon Calamari are nowhere to be seen, but the Dodsons fill the pages with characters, equipment and backgrounds that are indigenous to the “Star Wars” saga. The most notable exception is the shuttle Leia uses on her personal mission. Sleek and swift, the shuttle looks more apropos to a superhero comic than a “Star Wars” story.

Beyond that, the Dodsons keep the universe very much in line with the established story and the characters are instantly recognizable.

By the way…it is very, very hard to draw like Terry Dodson. The linework is distinct, and the design unmistakeable. Part of that is what makes the book work.

With no trade dress.

With no trade dress.

The issue title “Imperial Entanglements” (for this Adequacy Post) has everything to do with the four hours of Reed “Investment School” training that my team and I need to do over the next two days. In a byzantine approach to the actual facts of the case, this mandatory training allows the district to render the staff of my school “unbumpable” by means of RIFs of transfers. You know…like the initial court decision that my own Union rejected.

Still, I’m stuck after school for hours. At least I will get some drawing done.

In an unrelated point…let’s check the Hawkeye subplot…

Truer words were never spoken....

Truer words were never spoken….

I think that speaks for itself on the Hawkeye point. Pretty straightforward, and the whole reason that the protagonist has been subbing in on the Fantastic Four. Pretty elegant, don’t you think?

Next Issue: More Unexpected Disney Princesses!


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