Return to Armaghetto.

Actually less threatening than the real reports of our day of absence.

Actually less threatening than the real reports of our day of absence.

Today, my co-teacher and I returned to work after a day of absence. Chaos reigned while we were gone, and today was the fallout. We began with a ROUGH parent conference, and moved through the day to numerous students being called out by Police officers. LAPD was forced to act against three, with serious charges.

Two students had their last day on Friday…probability states that I will never see them again. Normally, I would be sensitive about this…instead, I find myself responding with a cut throat kind of efficiency. The two were not adding to the profit of the student body, and as a result, they will not be missed.

That’s the heart of the talk of “consequences” that the staff is now obsessed with. I agree with them to a point…I think that many of the student behaviors are beyond the normal kind of bizarre, and need some kind of check and balance. That being said…it boggles me that we are to the point where arrests of students seem to be both normal and called for. Remember…I teach at a middle school. A dysfunctional one to be sure, but a middle school.

I was actually pleasantly surprised by the lack of new tagging on the school when we came in. The neighborhood clearly took hits, and had turf change hands, but the school was more or less okay. It was unusual, as the last three weeks have seen SERIOUS tagging for different parties.

That’s what the art is about. My co-teacher argues that I sometimes focus too much on the negative…but the fact is, our school has problems far more threatening than a Cthulu tentacle or two. I’m less than happy with the lighting and contrast on panel one, but this seems to be a panel one problem for the week…I hope to resolve it soon.

Next Issue: Criticism of Fantastic Four 644! Not a lot there, True Believers…


One thought on “Return to Armaghetto.

  1. So when you take a day off does your co-teacher take off as well, or was that just coincidence? Good luck in the trenches.

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