March, MODOKs, Madness, and Museums.

In the film "Raiders of the Lost Ark" this is a bad plan.

In the film “Raiders of the Lost Ark” this is a bad plan.

That sort of bad plan is what Monday Morning at my school is like. You are there to perform a task, like get the @#$% idol off the pedestal. You plan it. You work out as much as you can. Then, in the middle of that plan, the CRAZY starts. Maybe there are giant spiders. Maybe you set off a trap despite your planning. maybe there’s a Nazi archaeologist involved somehow, I don’t know.

Regardless, at some point, you are running from a giant boulder, with tons of adversaries pursuing you, with someone you thought was a buddy saying, “throw me the idol and I’ll toss you the whip.” As a metaphor, it’s pretty solid.

This week I’m doing a lot of experimenting, with composition, perspective and media. As a result, the art is going to fluctuate a bit. For instance, the “B” art for today has a bit of a lighting issue in panel one, since the whole composition is a mixed media piece done with a clipboard, pencils, not the best lighting, and a cell phone camera…all while in a museum. I like the “B” piece, but I just wasn’t going to fuss with it so much, since I decided to throw it together on a Sunday afternoon, at a museum.

I’ll start there, in fact, with a dose of reality. Work has been hell, as suggested by the metaphor. As a result, I really want to add some Quality to my life. I seem to remember being an intellectual, and trying to bring that intellectualism to the classroom. As a result, my friends and I went to the Armand Hammer Museum in Westwood. It’s free. That’s good, as a start.

There was an Art in Architecture Exhibit. There was the Hammer collection, which had a Titian, some Van Goghs, and a Renoir. There was a collection of Frottage and Rubbings, which sounds kind of NC-17, but was fascinating to look at. There was a display of Charles Gaines’ work from the 70’s to the 80’s, which was heavily founded in representing images cognitively and mathematically.

So…here’s the “B” piece, which took place while there:

Mr. Gaines' work, as it looks.  Really fascinating stuff.

Mr. Gaines’ work, as it looks. Really fascinating stuff.

I recommend a visit. It’s FREE, and your mind expands almost by default.

Now back to the lead art for the day. Obviously a reference to the opening sequence of “Raiders” as well as “Guardians of the Galaxy.” It was a tough piece to compose in terms of perspective, given the interesting way that she is leaning. Hand size and position, shoulder placement, it was all a hassle. I’m not happy with it as perfect, but the composition is a quantum step forward in the things I’m willing and able to try with perspective, and it makes me happy.

The idol is of course a small MODOK. For those of us that don’t know, MODOK is one of the craziest things to come out of Marvel Comics ever. MODOK means “Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing,” and he’s a janitor experimented on by beekeeper looking scientists to become a superintelligent big head guy with mental powers in a floaty chair. The chair has a massive head support, because his brain is huge, and his neck and tiny body can no longer hold up all that head weight.

Usually, Adequacy has MODOPs…Mental Organisms Designed Only for Protocol…or Paperwork. There have been a few, just like there has been more than one MODOK in comics. Those beekeepers just don’t know when to start hyper evolving janitors….

This week will have more than a little paperwork and protocol for me, so it seemed a good way to start the week. Also…it is March MODOK Madness. There’s a link, see? March Madness is a college basketball elimination bracket. March MODOK Madness is a month of celebrating one of the craziest ideas Marvel ever put into print. The blog goes live in March, and March only…well worth a look. In case you’re too lazy to scroll up, click here, True Believers.

And like me…beware of giant boulders today.


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