Mental Organism Designed Only for After School Meetings.

The Mental Organism Designed Only for Paperwork delivers a rough Protocol Blast.

The Mental Organism Designed Only for Paperwork delivers a rough Protocol Blast.

Welcome Back, Captain Hoofmerica! Yay!

Today, after school, is Part One of Section Two of the Reed Settlement “Investment Schools” training. The point is to spend a number of hours getting “specialized training” which according to contract, would render the group present “uniquely qualified” to work at our school, or schools like it. It makes you contractually immune to layoffs, and every single word was reviewed by the Union’s Lawyers, ACLU, and the Administration as part of the settlement. The whole thing is bound by legal agreements, protocols, and paperwork.

This of course makes it mandatory, mind numbing, and nigh useless.

Part Two of Section Two is Wednesday after school, and double the time. It promises to be more and more of the same, with just as much utility. The point of the Reed cased was to protect inner city schools from turnover based on contractual layoffs, and this training is an artifact of the contract that in fact predates the case AND the settlement. It would make sense if the training was in a specific curriculum or methodology specifically useful in our demographic…but that seems pretty far from the case. It makes all the battling that I did for the Reed case in the first place seem a bit futile, more than a tad pointless.

Still…this is the kind of training that ensures some kind of stability. With oncoming Reduction In Force, my students could use some kind of stability. Unfortunately, amidst this, the school continues to degenerate. Today, any time i attempted to contact anyone above my pay grade, I was told that they were “in a meeting.” I’m wondering…can I say that?

When given meaningless paperwork to do during class, can I respond with, “No…I’m in a meeting.” After all, I’m in the most important meeting that schools have…a meeting with students that we call CLASS.

Next Issue: Part Two!


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