Last Day of School…Spring Break ’15 Begins.

See how neither of them are looking back?  Yep.

See how neither of them are looking back? Yep.

This is the last day of school, just prior to Spring Break. The week has been crazy, with major after school trainings, and each day having its own often bizarre challenges. The kinds of things that when you tell them to people outside your environment, they assume that you are making them up. I got lucky, or at least made my own luck, in needing a sick day for Thursday…but recovered, I am going to the final day grind.

The downstairs history teacher said, “You’ve got it all wrong. You’re looking to take a stand…but we’ve lost all the ground. This is our Vietnam, and we need to accept it and pull out.” The metaphor is pretty solid, and carries a great deal of weight. Certainly, all the ground that we said that we were going to stand for, all the values in the “Positive Behavior Support Meetings” have gone by the wayside.

I’m not going to comment on my day, or my predictions for the final day. I intentionally drew art that would leave that aside. Instead, we see the protagonist jumping on the hood of an old SHIELD Flying Car, driven by Horsey, who always gets her out of trouble. The tactical vest with the Alien Skrull Head has been left behind, probably in the Five Hundred Building, and the feeling of velocity, as well as the grim determination to Get Away, is clear from the set of our hero’s face.

This image has been in my mind ALL WEEK. Part of the reason that it is in color, which was a chore getting good color digitally. I’m very happy with how it came out, after fussing over it, though. Let’s look at the pencils, shall we?

The black and white pencils.

The black and white pencils.

For a long time, I’ve been the teacher who doesn’t “count the days.” This year has been so intensely challenging, so disheartening, that it is impossible not to. The good news, however, is that there is a week of Spring Break Content coming. Spring Break Adequacy is always weird and abstract.



2 thoughts on “Last Day of School…Spring Break ’15 Begins.

    • Thank you! Weirdly enough, the Spring Break Content already seems to have a heavy 80’s theme in the material…although, that wasn’t really a conscious intent. It sort of came together that way. I think in part because the 80’s was such a fertile time period for creating and marketing new concepts, franchises, and ideas. After the 80’s, it seems like pop culture became obsessed with remaking and revisiting things that were successful before, and not so much generating new content.

      I was insanely happy with that image though, more so in color. I’m almost certainly going to go to and make something cool out of it for myself. Possibly a swatch style watch (see, 80’s stuff again) so I can keep track of the time until Summer Vacation.

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