The First Morning Back.

This is how it feels to go back to work.  Unfortunately.

This is how it feels to go back to work. Unfortunately.

Not a whole lot to say here.

Today is the first day back from Spring Break. Ironically, it is a short day of instruction, with all kinds of meetings after school. With upcoming digital testing, as well as the Union disputes, I’m pretty sure that a whole lot of those meetings will be grating and uninteresting. Add to that the idea that I need to make sure that all of my students have taken the district’s “interim essay assessment” which is hugely criticized by the teachers of that same district.

It’s not that great a test or a topic, but it is in fact, the order that we have been given. As a result, it promises a relatively uninteresting week, as I need to make sure it is completely and appropriately handled.

Related, this is a somewhat more polished, “Where the @#$% are my pants?” punchline. More tonally what I was after. The idea that you’ve been up all night, maybe dreading things to come, and at the end of it, you might not know simple things, like where you left your pants. I’m happier with it, and the composition, although the page is lit funny. I am NOT going to stress about that.

The last panel is pretty much how the morning feels. Thinking about the day, without a whole lot of enthusiasm. With eight weeks left, and standardized testing on its way, most of the teachers at my site are looking at the year as something that we just need to get through. Many won’t be coming back, some are moving or transferring.

The part that depresses me most is that I used to look forward to going to work. It used to be an enriching job, that made me feel that I was adding value to the world.

It would be great to feel that way again. Right now, it’s more just a job than anything…and teaching should ultimately be something better.


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