Countdown to the End of Fourever: Stymied in the Negative Zone!

I was excited about this sequel to...well, yesterday.

I was excited about this sequel to…well, yesterday.

Yesterday’s post got so much positive response that I’m glad I had already drawn this! Apparently, you guys really like Vortexes (ones that are color blind), floating stones, Distortion Areas, and huge, terrifying Haters.

We’ve got a whole lot of that for you today, True Believers. This continues in the vein of trying to draw things that would be FUN, referencing comics that I would actually WANT to read. We actually have Pony Torch igniting the protagonist, and why not? She’s Nigh Invulnerable. It doesn’t hurt her, and hey…then she’s on fire. I wouldn’t want to be attacked by an angry super strong lady on fire.

This also heavily relates to my day on Thursday. The metaphor is very, very heavy handed…you see, we can’t deal with a huge number of the Haters running around on our campus, because they exist in interesting ways outside the system. This seems counter intuitive, if they are both on campus and getting in trouble…or even causing trouble…it would seem that they need to be inside the system, and that the system would have some method of dealing with them or moving through the situation.

Ben Grimm, however, is very much on point with his question. In the current education system, the question is really how to go about various things…and the how is where the problem lies.

You see…modern education deals in an idea called “progressive discipline.” At its heart, progressive discipline is a good idea. It’s a concept that a student shouldn’t immediately be facing the roughest of consequences, such as being kicked out of a school. The student has to be noted as a discipline problem, and pushed through a series of consequences and interventions, before the major, heavy hitter conclusions like expulsions or opportunity transfers can be enacted. It is an attempt at due process for the students, and when handled intelligently, it is a very good thing.

Unfortunately, it is predicated upon a set of “moving parts” working in harmony. Let us suggest Student A. Student A ditches class regularly. While out of class, Student A commits numerous infractions. Sincve Student A is NOT in class, their teacher is not able to log in their infractions. Those never make it into the system, and are never documented. When Student A does something truly major, suggesting a major consequence…the system can’t touch them, for a lack of documentation.

A lack of documentation that is founded in violating one of the central rules of school (attending class) and preventing documentation from being provided. There is no provision in “progressive discipline” for this simple evasion, which many students are all too aware of. As a result, there are roving bands of truant students, who are both able to do as they please since they are outside of class, and untouchable by the system for the lack of documentation.

Even students inside the system’s documentation have multiple “tiers” of action and intervention before any real consequences take place. Ultimately, it becomes discouraging to the teachers in place, who only want to deliver instruction in peace.

So…even though it is fun to reference the FF, that’s what the art is about. If you want to go after one Mega Hater…you need to get a team together, and that team has to plan specifically HOW they might act to deal with the threat. If the plan is solid enough, an action might be successful…it might not.

Easy to see how the Negative Zone provides stressful emotional impact, isn’t it? Let’s look at the art without trade dress….

Logo free, but still in glorious black and white!

Logo free, but still in glorious black and white!

It’s hard to focus on the majority of the kids, who deserve attention and good education, when there is an active and aggressive minority of Haters. Children that attend school only for the negative social interactions, as a form of day care that drain the system. Thinking on them is very much the “negative head space” that my co-teacher criticizes. She is right when she does criticize it.

Unfortunately…there needs to be vigilant action taken toward the others, the bullies and the gang members. In order for the majority of kind and good students to succeed, dedicated adults need to impose rules and discipline in the environment of learning. Without structure, I think all is lost, and we might as well accept that the Haters have escaped their Negative Zone.

Next Issue: More Haters!

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