Haters (of all kinds) Up Their Game.

She can fly, so really this isn't a big deal.  Being thrown out a window sucks, though.

She can fly, so really this isn’t a big deal. Being thrown out a window sucks, though.

This is a good reason to not have Negative Zone portals, or portals of any kind, in your living room or workplace.

I’m okay with the art above, but not in love with it. It was very experimental for me…I don’t do radical foreshortening at all, and really, there are few better ways to display certain kinds of action. In this case, I was really after capturing that moment of free fall after being chucked out of a window by alien Haters. Notice, that like my school, there are Haters inside the building, and Haters waiting outside the building.

Friday was an instructive day for me. I only wanted to screen the 1931 version of “Most Dangerous Game” in the library with my students. Before and after the film, I would provide analytic comments about differences in text and screenplay. You know, the foundation of a decent compare and contrast style essay across two media content types, pointing out the advantages and limits of each.

Rapidly, the day degenerated. It was amazing.

We had a teacher simply not arrive for a nearby class. I…don’t understand that one. School still runs by a system of bells, Gentle Reader. You know, just like the kids do, that class is in session. On student elected herself the “substitute” and was cursing at the class to “shut the @#$% up you @#$%^s!” at the top of her tiny lungs when I arrived with the librarian…who then had to stay there as a credentialed adult, until the teacher was found.

A parent decided to stay in the library for three showings of the film. That’s the whole day. Presumably, there was another reason for that parent to be on campus. Who knows?

From my vantage point outside of my enclosed building, I could see the “wanderers.” Students who never, ever go to class. They simply walk the halls, running from adults, shouting curse words into open doors at the top of their lungs, and fighting each other. It seems like something that I would never want to do, but to these Wanderers, the idea of entering a class is anathema. Their flight and conflict based day seems more palatable to them.

This is a highly abridged for of the madness that happened in a constant forum. My main goal became to preserve a line, a line which Haters would not cross, that would maintain the integrity of my intellectual theatre event. This exhausting endeavour became the entire thrust of my energies. Note…I haven’t mentioned a word about dealing with the Adults that the school employs.

So yes…the day was much like above. a small group of concerned looking, odd looking super students, and an aggressive pack of Haters. No other superheroes to be found nearby at all. Pretty much an on point metaphor.

There is a second, more subtle but just as heavy handed metaphor in play here. Next Saturday….a week from now, is Free Comic Book day. That’s a big deal, and a whole lot of summer “events” really take hold there. With Avengers 2 coming out at basically the same weekend, it strikes me that this will be a huge retail weekend for comics. Doesn’t take a genius to see that.

As a result, a large number of retailers are prepared for a rather large turnout at Free Comic Book Day…which is usually pretty large anyway, since you can…you know…get things for free. People like that. In Culver City, one retailer has gone “all in” on making this an “event.” I’m impressed with their attention to it, and their attempt to revitalize their marketplace, despite the fact that I haven’t yet visited their shop.

Still…back to that more subtle metaphor I was talking about. The Brood are Marvel Comics insect like alien bad guys that lay eggs inside you, and corrupt you from within. Their boss, in their first appearance, is Deathbird of the Shi’ar, an alien space princess with managerial attitudes toward her empire that make Darth Vader look like a fair and balanced political figure. She’s the one knocking our hero out the window. The window of the place where she works. Metaphor…

See how they are all covered with Venom style symbiotes? First, that’s because Venom is made of mucus, and that’s just gross. Black mucus. Second…our protagonist is superstrong, nigh invulnerable, and can fly. Deathbird and the Brood aren’t really bringing anything to the table, in terms of being threatening Haters, without Venom symbiotes, which come from space anyway.

The Venom symbiotes, though, are associated with characters like Spider-Man…who have bug like powers. The brood are bugs from space. They are in comics. Haters, who are bugs in comics. Who throw you out of your own place, unceremoniously.

If you live in Culver City, and read comics, I don’t need to make the metaphor more heavy handed. Still…I didn’t really realize how much that sub-metaphor had been rolling around in the back of my head. Bothering me, like a splinter that you have just learned to live with.

With all of that heavy handed, although politely veiled metaphor…I am actually looking forward to Free Comics Book Day. I got a t-shirt about it, and will be actively supporting a much smaller endeavour, also in Culver City, on the day of the event. It has been a while since I’ve been excited about a comics event, so this is a Big Deal.

It also has little to nothing to do with my day job, which is a massive plus.

I’ve already drawn Monday’s art, which is unusually prompt for me…usually I enter Saturday with a “@#$%, I’d better get something on paper” feeling. I’m probably going to slow myself down by coloring it, and coloring the Iron Man related piece from last week. I haven’t been doing color often at all this year, and the lead art for Monday screams out for it.

Next Issue: Cool Guys Don’t Look At Implosions.


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