A Moment of Peace.

Right?  A commentary on the FF, and the school year, AND Monday...all in one.

Right? A commentary on the FF, and the school year, AND Monday…all in one.

A short post. On its face, it speaks to the dissatisfaction that I felt toward James Robinson’s Fantastic Four plot, and the politics driven by Isaac Perlmutter and Disney that drove it. On another level, it speaks directly to my school year, and things that happened in it…and the dissatisfaction there. On the last, and most simplistic level, it speaks to days that are spent not at school, and not embroiled in the day to day dramas of running such an academic endeavour in the inner city.

Interestingly, I had the weird experience of being told that a school that my co teacher interviewed at…this time last year, has turned into an epic level train wreck. I can’t say that upsets me that much….the fellow that I spoke to said that “things turned out exactly the way you said.” Where it is good to be right…it also stinks to see an innovative concept go south, because of one person’s ego.

Still…any day spent out of the Negative Zone is a good enough day.

I will be returning to a basic failure in academic integrity, a test that can’t be given within the time window because an administrator didn’t come to school for a week, and a psychology based lesson that I am supposed to give because I am “so good at classroom management.” Exactly none of these things are okay, and I am beyond cross about dealing with them.

Also…each and every one of them is the result of someone else’s poor planning, not my own, and I look forward to pointing that out.

At this exact moment in time, before all of that confrontation, before all of that hostility, I exist in a state of peace, of grace, if you will…as suggested by the art above.

That art, in fact, used an entirely different media process than I usually use, which I don’t know how I feel about. It was a good experiment, but I’m unsure if it will lead to a regular procedure. Still, the art came together quickly, despite the challenges in it. The biggest challenge seems ridiculous….as comic artists, we never practice drawing people doing ordinary things. Funny that.


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