Sunday Bonus Post: An Outing With The Collector!

Right?  What's Rom going to do with a drink, Taneleer?

Right? What’s Rom going to do with a drink, Taneleer?

This Sunday Bonus Post comes from a number of mundane sources. The first being that I got a Funko POP! Bobblehead of the Collector on Wednesday, albeit as he appears in the films. The Collector was always a heavy hitter bad guy in the comics of the late seventies and early eighties, and I liked him a lot. It took whole crowds of superheroes to deal with him, he had all of this weird and awesome stuff, and his motives were pretty straightforward. Add to that a spaceship and a title like “Elder of the Universe,” and you were cooking with gas.

Another element of this piece was a discussion I had that night, about all the weird and awesome stuff that would have to be in the Collector’s stash. I mean…he’s older than the whole Earth. There’s going to be some awesome, obscure stuff in there. I like the idea that some of it is purely sentimental, and of no real value.

A third element is the ongoing challenge with hands, complex facial expressions, and backgrounds. I want to continue pushing these things, but also make the illustration of the ordinary interesting. It is hard to come up with interesting ways to depict people talking, or eating dinner. I often go with a kind of boring “side view” composition, with the same POV. Forget how hard it is to draw a hand holding a wine glass. In these panels, there was a lot of real challenge…it is much easier to draw a dinosaur getting punched in the face.

Finally…I went to a fancy dinner on Saturday, and have another fancy meal in my future. I kind of wanted to draw Fanciness, to get the feel of Cosmic Affluence. The Collector gets that across pretty well with his demeanor, and the protagonist is a solid contrast. I considered putting her in her “shirt and tie” outfit, but the Drax inspired shirt still seemed to work. Rom doesn’t have to worry…big space cyborgs don’t wear clothes at all.

They also are really awkward at fancy dinners, because they can’t eat or drink. I have to imagine that gives Rom the Spaceknight a whole bunch of social awkwardness.

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