Amidst the Chaos, A Wedding.

With Immortus as the officiant, who can be catering?  It's a mystery.

With Immortus as the officiant, who can be catering? It’s a mystery.

This past week has been nothing but straight up insanity.

That said, in a few minutes I’ll be going to intend an incredibly casual wedding, at least I hope so. I invariably the dress code instructions wrong, but the invite was very explicit. Casual. It’s in a backyard, so that does suggest casual wear. I’m still dressing nicely, mind you..just not fancy.

I am more than a little glad that the affair has nothing to do with any teachers, anywhere. I generally don’t like weddings to begin with…in this case, it’s a quick escape valve from the professional dramas of my job. Still, there is a giant Adult Hater with a flaming head in the background. Of course there is…because that’s my life right now. Just waiting for more Haters.

The art was what I would like to call an Isaac Perlmutter challenge. Look at some existing marvel art, and while doing it, swap out the characters you don’t need for the one’s that you do. Thanks to Mr. Perlmutter, I have a Secret Wars t-shirt that does exactly that. My comment on that idea is that it’s time consuming, and inefficient. He should just commission new art.

But heck…what do I know? I’m not the corporate head of Marvel Comics.


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