Code: Veronica.

The last week is sometimes the hardest.  Sometimes it isn't.

The last week is sometimes the hardest. Sometimes it isn’t.

I am as of this post, entering the final week of school for this semester…heck, for this year. It has been a hard year, with so much turmoil it isn’t worth rehashing. The turmoil is documented in these pages, and as the year comes to its close, it will either peter out, or burn in one final push.

The purpose of the middle school teacher at this point is little more than a form of babysitter. Most of the grades are finalized, in fact, the Grade eight eligibility for graduation has already come and gone, based upon those grades. Students pretty much know what is happening academically, whether they will need summer school or not. Whether they are passing or not. For some, this changes their attitude for the worse, feeling that there is no way that they can ruin their situation more.

Many teachers at this point become “short timers” simply showing movies and packing up their classrooms, doing the processes needed to close out the year.

Regardless of what happens with my professional considerations…it’s the last week. I need to go in, keep order, and also pack it in. I’m predicting the week to be unpleasant, because I’ve taken all the discipline referrals, graphed them at a weekly rate, and then extrapolated that graph for this week. The result of all of that cool math is…”Not Good.”

Hence the artwork above. Pretty straightforward. The Negative Zone Suit is as buffed up as it will get, but there are no other Rascals left. It’s just that Suit, and the protagonist, keeping a lonely vigil in a wasteland of gamma irradiated superhaters.


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