“Street Corner Wanderlust, Beckoning the Good Guy…”

As often happens with Adequacy, this is pretty much non fiction.

As often happens with Adequacy, this is pretty much non fiction.

I hope everyone appreciates the reference in the title to the Yes song “City of Love” from the album “90125.” It has a huge amount to do with how I was offered my current position in education, safely away from the specific dramas and politics of my most recent posting.

Seriously…I was offered a job teaching high school on the side of the road, after an Assistant Principal chased me down to make me an offer. It’s in an area that needs my help, to be sure…but all signs point to a school that is an oasis amidst the troubles.

A friend of mine submitted the resume for me, a couple of weeks ago. The VP contacted me, and I got dressed up like Lando Calrissian to take an interview. Two friends work at the high school in question, and met me when I showed up. An hour later, the interview was done, and I was listening to Suit Talk about other candidates and so forth. Things I had heard before, and found depressing.

Walking away, an energetic young VP stopped me at the corner, and offered me a position teaching Tenth Grade English. It was like a scene from a movie, and a handshake later, my future as a teacher was secured.

I’ve played it close to the vest since then, in the real world and here on Tales of Adequacy…for a myriad of reasons. Some of those reasons have yet to come to light. For instance…what circumstances would prompt me to bail on something I had worked so hard at making functional? What kind of things would make me accept the breaking up of the educational Beatles? All of that will be told in time….but now, the focus is more short term, on the things directly in front of me.

I’m not transferring to some fancy neighborhood. That’s for other people, people who aren’t me. I’m transferring to an area south of Union Station, very industrial. Still…the school is more peaceful, more focused on education than where I came from. I was asked, point blank, in the interview, “Why do you want to leave your current position?” Like a magician asked about their best trick, I thumped down on the table the printed copy of all 1200 plus discipline referrals for my grade level, in the last seven months.

“I’m tired of being a cop. I want to use my mind for something good for once.”

Today…the day of this post, I am going to the new school…to High School, for a meet and greet with my new team. I’m not going to joke…I’m a bit nervous. I’ve never done High School before, and there is a higher level of responsibility. It is my job to make sure students can pass the High School Exit Exam, and further…fails in my class really matter, for the first time. Middle School just doesn’t have the collegiate stakes that High School does.

Even though I’m a bit nervous…the new staff has been reaching out continuously. They want to be a team, they want to collaborate. They seem friendly and kind, and the school has made it clear how much they want me to be happy. Like the art suggests, they have done everything except give me a flying robot pony to ride to work. Heck…tomorrow morning, first thing, they will be issuing me an iPad to replace the one I just turned in.

It’s unusual to feel wanted by a team of educators. I haven’t had that for a long, long time.


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