Can You Come Out To Play, In Your Empty Garden?

In life, there is nothing perfect.

In life, there is nothing perfect.

First off…this morning I went back and inked yesterday’s art. If you scroll down, you’ll see I replaced the pencils with the inks. The contrast is way better, the image less muddy, and finally, something that was bugging me…the inks make the perspective on our hero’s right leg work. Scott Koblish, once again, I apologize….an inker is by NO means a tracer.

On to today’s bit…

Last night, my phone powered down around nine o’clock. The battery had just plain given up the ghost…I had asked a whole lot of it over the course of the day. Any text message that I might have gotten after that point I had relegated to the category of, “not something I need to deal with immediately.”

As a result, I got up in the morning, had some coffee, dressed less like Lando Calrissian. It was to be Day Two of planning the Next Year in Tenth Grade, and I believe that I mentioned yesterday that Day One was possibly the most productive Content Area Meeting that I had ever sat in, in about seventeen years as a teacher. I was thusly really looking forward to Day Two. I had Serious Ideas about Day Two, and Agenda Items, and even things that I have Made A Point of Outlining. Do you see all those capital letters, True Believers?

It was halfway to the site, on the freeway, in traffic, that the first of the missed texts came in, as my phone attempted to synchronize itself with what Verizon said it should know. Apparently, one of the team members had an important, previously unknown meeting with an Advisor, and needed to cancel. Depressing, but not an issue….I could still soldier on with the other teacher and the VP.

The next message was about not doing that. About setting up a time when we were all available. I pulled over, and wrote back, “I’m on my way to school now, guys.”

No response.

I get there, and attempt to follow the instructions to the Stealth Parking Lot. The instructions make no sense at all, and I see nothing resembling a lot…until while attempting to return where I started, I got lost and found the Stealth Lot. Hopefully, I will not need to repeat the procedure of getting lost on a daily basis to find the Lot. With the help of a friendly Custodian, I find the main building (it is a beautiful campus) and sit on a bench near the office. That’s when I started the inks…and then completed the inks.

Then, I pulled out a piece of bristol board, and started the art above. My thought at this time was, “at some point I’ll see that friendly VP, and figure out what I should do.” After the page was completely laid out, and I started with some of the detail work on the Atomic Pony Vehicle, I texts that VP, to see what was going on.

Pretty promptly he called me back and promised to get to the bottom of the miscommunication. He didn’t have to do that, because all things were laid out where they should be, and it was just simply Life Happening. When he called back again he was apologetic, and offered to buy me lunch. It was kind, but not needed. He had felt like I did though, and had really wanted to preserve the momentum of Day One’s Meeting.

I can’t say that I wasn’t a little depressed. It seemed like very suddenly, a veil had been pierced, and the Man Behind the Curtain revealed. No one made the appointment but me…something that I’m all too used to. Probably best that I be brought down to Earth early on.

I drove back to the school that I’m leaving, and put some more of my things in storage. I hate leaving things, and I hate the odd discussions that you have during that process. I steadfastly wish for the ability to just not have to explain the where’s and why’s of my departure, and go through the same conversations again and again. I made that as quick as possible.

Coming home, I decided to have cold Chinese Food for lunch (EXCELLENT) and then put on my new Rollerblades to run some errands. I remember being very good at Rollerblading…so when I nearly broke my arm instantly upon usage, I was understandably upset and confused. Thankfully, a trip to the Emergency Room and some X-Rays confirmed that there is in fact no break or dislocation…but it’s just “hurt really badly.” Considering I was SURE it was broken, it was a pretty big relief. Also put the idea of a cancelled meeting, or flaky scheduling into some perspective.

That being said…I could have done without today. Just skipped it, using a time machine, or simply staying in bed. At least none of the problems actually became a Thing, that needed to be Dealt With. See all those capital letters? Yeah…those were avoided.


2 thoughts on “Can You Come Out To Play, In Your Empty Garden?

    • It’s my left arm. So…it hurts like the devil…probably an elbow sprain. One of my concerns about drawing was using a ruler, but it is no more frustrating than usual. So no worries…the posting schedule shouldn’t see an interrupt. Especially because I’m supposed to “take it easy.”

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