“Nigh” Means “Near” or “Nearly.”

Wow.  The Flash sure seems smug.  @#$% you, Barry Allen.

Wow. The Flash sure seems smug. @#$% you, Barry Allen.

So…if you are “nigh invulnerable” like a bunch of the X-Men or things that are made out of Adamantium, that means that you are “nearly invulnerable” not completely invulnerable. It’s a subtle distinction, but one that should be considered when swooping around the Fortress on a Flying Robot Pony with an unlicensed nuclear power source.

Or, for that matter, trying out a new pair of rollerblades when one hasn’t skated in some time.

The good news is, everything is very fixable. That’s good, very good. Other good news is directly related to not being in much pain at all. In the moment, last week (yep..seven days ago) it hurt a good deal. Also, initially, my left arm didn’t even look like an arm at all. That would have been the dislocation of the elbow, which apparently “popped back.” As gross as it sounds, True Believers.

Since the MRI on Monday, there is a much clearer picture of the problem with the arm. It is actually easier to talk about what isn’t wrong than what is. Even with the epic laundry list of damage…the arm actually works decently, and doesn’t hurt much. The specialist was pretty much, “You really @#$%ed up that elbow and arm. Once it heals, you’ll have some PT, and should be okay.” Those words were a relief.

I learned that they will let you take a Pony into the MRI machine for comfort, because you are intensely claustrophobic. That Pony has seen a bunch of things since I got it on Memorial Day, and I feel badly for that particular Po-Nay. It has had a very hard job following me around.

Once again though…it doesn’t hurt all that much…only over the counter meds needed. I can still draw, for which many of you have already expressed thanks. I appreciate that, a whole lot. Oddly, I got a phone call Wednesday night from the teacher who cancelled the meeting I had last Thursday. He was apologetic, and wanted to reschedule for next week, which I was unprepared to discuss while in the middle of a comic book store. As we had the discussion, I alluded to my injury without mentioning it, wondering if the subtext would carry the meaning.

It did not.

Without spoiling content for tomorrow, and most probably a post next week, the subtext should become direct literal, or in this case visual meaning, upon the meeting. I looked at the situation myself in terms of connecting the dots…

1. Cancelled meeting leads to…
2. Stopping by old school to pick up things…leads to…
3. Getting early and finishing art for the day…leading to…
4. Unexpected free time in the afternoon, which leads to…
5. Trying on new skates, excited, leading to…
6. …a trip to the Emergency Room.

In terms of causality, if I wanted to, I could make the cancelled meeting the first cause in a chain of temporal events leading to the really scary injury and subsequent events. I’m enough of a scientist to say, “why yes,” and not enough of a jerk to actually place real blame like that.

The whole composition for today was hard. Barry Allen strikes me as being a bit smug, the kind of guy that would be fast on the draw with an “I told you so.” Plus, I like the show, and he would be an expert in high speed wipe outs. His first aid leaves a bit to be desired though…he doesn’t look like he’s all that helpful. The trench that the protagonist makes on impact was a bit tough to envision as well…I mean, there’s not a good reference for “trench dug by impact of nigh invulnerable humanoid at high speed.”

Nigh invulnerable…just not as good as “invulnerable.”

Also…it made me think hard about Wolverine. He heals at a very rapid pace, and has bones made out of Adamantium. When the Hulk throws him at the ground hard, a huge number of ligaments need to be torn, tendons sprained, and bones dislocated instead of broken. Even if he heals stupid fast, this is a huge problem. He needs to set them right, and then stay still for a couple of minutes for the injuries to quite painfully heal and knit. He NEVER does this.

I think that’s why they burn him down to the skeleton every now and then in continuity. It allows a straight up “injury reset,” for all of the crummy first aid, or total lack of first aid, on Logan’s body. Without it, he definitely would not look like Hugh Jackman.

Tales of Adequacy…where we put the “nigh” in nigh invulnerable.

Next Issue: More talk about injuries!


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