Of Secret Wars and High Speed Chicken Cavalry.

Just under the wire for my Thursday deadline.

Just under the wire for my Thursday deadline.

This is another sketch experiment in the Fantasy Genre. Notice that the Chicken Mount is more anime inspired than last time, less “Final Fantasy” and more “Pokemon.” I seemed to flow, because I was really looking for two things here…a feeling of motion, which was achieved, and then…getting used to drawing things that are ridden like horses of motorcycles. It’s harder than you think, just like drawing people sitting in chairs is deceptively hard.

I’m also glad that I’m on a same day schedule, since it has an impact on the content. For instance, I was afraid that the protagonist’s current costume was already past its ‘sell by” date, since I went to see Geppetto about my arm today. Geppetto is pretty happy with the improvement, but pretty much said to keep using the metal hinges to “protect it a bit while it continues to heal.” Oddly, after the initial hinge art piece, I interpreted all the plates that we’ve seen for the past couple of weeks to protect it…so life has in fact imitated art.

Which is fine, because I don’t want to think about Fantasy Genre costuming at all. At ALL.

You’ll note that the protagonist seems a little happy. Sure that’s a huge chicken, not a Flying Robot Pony. Sure, she has an old busted up Infinity Gauntlet (no one has commented on that, and it’s been seen a few times) and the Full Metal Automail covering, which wasn’t the hope. You’ll note though that she is wearing a t-shirt, albeit black, like usual. I haven’t been able to wear t-shirts either, so this is a happy, happy milestone for both of us.

Not a lot else to this post. Sometimes, it’s just a drawing.


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