The Oath, Part One.

The Sorceress of Grayskull shoots straight.

The Sorceress of Grayskull shoots straight.

Not really a punchline here, True Believers. Some problems are pretty much unfixable, no matter how much we want otherwise, or how much we put into them. I think a part of life is how we deal with those things, when they come up. Some are better at that, others, not so much.

I pretty much fall into the “not so much” category. I tend to stick to a thing, or a task, or a challenge long after the things is over, where more reasonable people would have accepted certain realities. That’s fantastic in sports, or games…it makes you a solid competitor. In work ethic, it can also be a pretty excellent trait. In other portions of life, it can be almost a disability.

Before anyone gripes to me that the protagonist is standing with Prince Adam, not He-Man…they are the same person. A person with a disguise that is actually WORSE than Clark Kent’s. He just gets a suntan, and carries the same @#$% magic sword. In fact, they wear the same style trunks and boots too. They both have a green tiger. It’s beyond obvious. I’m thinking our hero would know this, and generally refer to him as He-Man, even if he hadn’t changed yet.

Why do I think that? Because I make the speech balloons, and “He-Man” has way less letters than “Prince Adam.”

Apparently, the Sorceress of Greyskull gets the same style of boots, possibly from the same cobbler. I hadn’t realized that until I had to draw the two of them together. I like the Sorceress, and think that she would make a good addition as a person to go to for advice. Being a Sorceress from the 80’s, she must have a bunch of wisdom to hand out. I actually considered her speech balloons for a while, and thought that the Sorceress would ultimately not give a whole lot of advice…but at the same time, be sincere.

Not much more to say about the art, except that obviously the panels were on separate pages here, digitized, and then put together digitally. That made for much neater borders, but at the same time subtracted the traditional look here of “slightly off” corners and borders. It has the bonus of letting me post Panel One, which I like, as a separate piece of art.

Stop looking at He-Man's butt.

Stop looking at He-Man’s butt.

It’s harder than you think to draw people having a normal conversation, especially people in a Fantasy setting like Castle Grayskull. They have to be doing things that people actually do when standing around, which isn’t something you actually think about very much.

Sitting has its own challenges.

Still…the “ordinary moments” are also really important for an illustrator to do, to handle. The practice is good, even if the protagonist hasn’t gotten the help she needs for her friend.


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