The Oath, Part Two: The Nekrodungeon Seems Pre-Looted.

Sadly, modern Yelp usually has much more acrimony in it.

Sadly, modern Yelp usually has much more acrimony in it.

You probably need to click the art to read the text in Panel Two, True Believers.

This was done in two parts…the first panel, which was through traditional, pencil and paper art methods, and panel two which is done entirely digitally. Mostly, I didn’t want to do the fancy, old timey lettering by hand, which would have been a complete nightmare. Once again, serious respect to letterers.

The content is pretty direct…its about the quest to find solutions to things that can’t really be found. Whether its the Waters of Elah’zad or the Holy Grail, magical curatives that restore the infirm to health just aren’t all that real. You look for them, usually on behalf of a friend or a loved one, but at the end of the day, it’s probably the adventure that matters, and the time spent…because at best, some other Dungeon Divers got their first, and fulfilled their quest. At worst, the whole thing was a tall tale, that at least gave some sense of purpose along the way.

I don’t think we will be seeing that scroll carrying guy again…I just needed a scroll carrying guy. Fantasy themed costuming is hard to do, but the settings and backgrounds are easier than you’d think. some mountains, a skull mouth cave, some dying tress, and you have a pretty good Hellmouth Dungeon that the Nekrolord would be happy to stock. And, as said by Ye Old Yelp, the Nekrolord is good for the locals, ensorcelling the whole Nekrodungeon locally.

For those of us interested in the hand drawn Panle One, here’s the individual art.

Panel one, all on its own.  Kind of doesn't need Panel Two at all.

Panel one, all on its own. Kind of doesn’t need Panel Two at all.

Panel Two came about from my interest this week in Digital and Hand Drawn mixed media compositions. I’m a bit tired of the concept right now, but I’m sure I’ll be coming back to it. The good thing about experimentation on a pet project is that you can do it as the mood takes you.

I’m finally a bit ahead in the art, meaning that we will almost certainly see color this weekend (wow!) and I am very, very excited about tomorrow’s composition, already in the can. Like, bewilderingly proud of it.

Until then, True Believers.


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