Your Physical Therapist Will See You Now.

Physical Therapy is absolutely nothing like this Alien Spa Moment.

Physical Therapy is absolutely nothing like this Alien Spa Moment.

Today will be my first day of intensive physical therapy for my left arm, with the intent of getting back the full range of motion to the appendage. I’m on board with that result too, but can safely say that it is not going to be anything like the scene depicted above. If only there were some magic alien PT specialist who could just grab my arm and fix it up. Sadly, those sorts of things are even rare miracles in comic books.

That character doing the healing is from “Secret Wars” back in the 80’s…called Zsaji. Zsaji was the healer of an alien village that was on a portion of her home planet used by the alien Beyonder to create Battleworld, a patchwork planet he created for an assemblage of heroes and villains he had abducted to battle on to amuse him and satisfy his curiosity about Earth.

When their headquarters on the planet was razed to the ground by the villains, the assembled heroes took refuge in Zsaji’s village, and Zsaji used her powers to heal their injured. One of the heroes, the Human Torch who was healed by Zsaji, was instantly attracted to her and they started a romance, despite not speaking each other’s language. Really classy guy, that Human Torch.

Not being able to speak Zsaji’s language is also why her speech balloon makes on sense above, fine readers. Just because our hero is an Alien American, that doesn’t mean that she speaks every single Alien Language.

Still…there’s a point to her inclusion in the art. First off, this little three panel vignette is somewhat more interesting than most of the “Secret Wars” titles I’ve been reading this summer…if only because it is upbeat. Also, though Zsaji’s role in the first “Secret Wars” was pretty relevant to my endeavours in physical therapy. See, Zsaji could utilize a portion of her own life force in order to heal the injuries of others. The greater the injury, the more lifeforce she needed to use to heal them. She was shown healing She-Hulk, Spider-Man, The Human Torch, and Colossus from broken bones with no difficulty.

Healing broken bones with no difficulty. See, that’s the part that I’m really hoping to get behind. I tore everything that holds bones and muscles together, and would like them healed with no difficulty. I’m not so sure I need anyone to sacrifice, albeit temporarily, a portion of their own life force to do so, but then again, I’m not Jim Shooter. I don’t make the rules for Alien Healing Empaths.

I’m a bit nervous about the meeting and the evaluation, but this artwork keeps us on the hopeful side. Fingers crossed, True Believers.

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