Fine! I’ll Make My Own @#$% Tuna Sandwich!

Aquaman should have been critical when the tuna was put in the can to begin with.

Aquaman should have been critical when the tuna was put in the can to begin with.

Overall, it has been a good day. Physical therapy seemed promising, The art is fun because it takes a cheap shot at Aquaman, and my first time in front of a group of high school students was well received.

I’m going to start with that. At first, the students did not know what to make of me…I was a strange Adult. They started to enjoy the idea of their own, serious website with pictures, news, and a twitter feed. They started to seriously warm up to the idea that their voice was something that could be heard, and that I was not, in fact, going to boss them around about design or content. That all worked well.

When at the lunch break I sat down to do some sketches, and they saw that I could actually draw…things changed dramatically. It took the idea of making a web site that would hopefully do the job of a solid school newspaper, and it made it a kind of reality. A group of high school students internalized that they could come up with a logo, and I could draw it, and suddenly they started to speak about branding their different activities, running off t-shirts for school spirit, designing prom related stuff.

“That’s pretty much why I was asked here,” was really all I had to comment on that. It did render me with a bunch of homework tonight, in terms of logo design, web site graphics, and other such things that were suggested and not yet fully agreed upon. With concrete compositions, the voting on that should go smoothly and rapidly.

The young people themselves were friendly and charming, by and large. I look forward to my second meeting with them tomorrow.

Now…to the art. It has been a long time since I took a cheap shot at Aquaman. It has been long overdue, and in this instance, since I’ve been trying to draw expressions this week, I wanted Aquaman to appear upset, freaked out, possibly offended. What would do that? I thought for a moment, and realized that actually eating a tuna fish sandwich in front of Aquaman might do it.

Or maybe not. Aquaman lives in the sea, and has to eat, right? It’s presumable that Atlanteans aren’t vegetarians…at least not all of them. Although Aquaman is the only Atlantean that talks directly to fish…it’s what makes him King of Atlantis. If you had conversations with tuna, I think you might be shocked by the prospect of eating a tuna. Sort of like Samuel L. Jackson’s theory on the personalities of animals, and that if a pig had a better personality, it might cease to be a filthy animal. As well as a delicious one.

There’s not much more to the art than that though. It’s the protagonist eating a tuna fish sandwich in front of an upset, disturbed Aquaman. Maybe if Aquaman had taught Left Shark to dance, I wouldn’t think that this is so funny. He didn’t though, and I do.

Next Issue: Thou Shalt Have Thee A RAMP!


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