Across A CalTrans Work Site.

"Man is separated from the heavens only by that which he will not RAMP."

“Man is separated from the heavens only by that which he will not RAMP.”

I have spent a decent amount of time driving the past few days, which has resulted in the composition above. I drew it when nervous about the prospect of driving to meet a whole group of new students, and to try out the “ol’ charm” as it were on high school students. I have already mentioned how that went very well…I won’t beat that point up too much here, right now.

Today was spent with the mandate of planning events for the beginning of the school year, as well as planning the kinds of things that we might want as “Prom Decor.” I was bewildered by the huge selection of things now available for Prom Night settings….giant LED dance floors that light to music, Red Carpet layouts, huge illuminated cube furniture…even horse drawn carriages. Seriously. The idea of having a street magician or two to walk the floor was brought up, as well as a Palm Reader, or even circus performers. With all of that preamble, as well as needing a fancy venue, I can only imagine what the importance of a Prom Dress has become.

In the entire presentation from a “professional prom organizer” no mention of the cost of anything was made. None at all…that was to be discussed later, between ADULTS. So…we showed a PowerPoint presentation of the most Epic Possible Prom Stuff to a room of teenagers, with NO discussion of money.

That’s about as smart as running your Flying Robot Pony off an improvised ramp made by a palette near some Caltrans workers, as you chase down a mustached man on a dinosaur. Same level of reasonable expectations.

I actually don’t yet know how the student group actually felt about those options…it almost seemed like it was Too Much. There were so many options to pick from, including the “Illuminated Willow Arch” and Photo Booth, that there seemed to be a kind of overload taking place. It was almost a bit of a relief to talk about simpler things, I think, like the establishment of a student scholarship for a single Junior. That in itself, by the way, is an organizational and fund raising nightmare, but way easier than deciding whether you need a Jumbo Tron or a Laser Light Show.

Still…it has been heartening to see that I can connect with this different age category.

Unrelated point…this is post number 1138. If you are a Star Wars fan, you know that George Luca made a film called “THX 1138,” a thinly veiled allegory of the cave (see Plato’s Republic, people). Not that well received, the number 1138 appears in many Star Wars offerings in some fashion, as a nod to that early sci-fi offering. Maybe we can look at the Flying Robot Pony as a Speeder of some kind, like in the forest scene from “Return of the Jedi.” There are redwood trees along the side of the road at least, much like Endor.

The art came about a few days ago, while I was worried about standing in front of a group of High School students. Take from that what you will, I’m sure my friend the art therapist would have a whole bunch of interesting things to say about that.

Just remember…the only thing that separates us from the Heavens is that which we will not RAMP.

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