The Best Laid Plans…

Oddly, this conversation basically happened again, with a different person... AFTER I drew it today.

Oddly, this conversation basically happened again, with a different person… AFTER I drew it today.

At the conclusion of Day Two of High School, I am once again exhausted. That exhaustion stems fully from adult issues however, and has almost nothing to do with students, or their conduct. In fact, I must reiterate that the students, by and large, are charming and friendly.

A brief detour, if you will, from the content above, to comment on the students. I came in today, quite early, and as I was walking, a small group of young men called out to me. I went over to speak with them, and we had a very pleasant conversation, which really set a tone for the day being pretty @#$%ing solid. On the way from the office to my class, that happened three more times…the students being interested in me, and myself expressing a genuine interest in them, as young people. It’s that sort of thing that can help restore your faith in humanity, sometimes…because generally, despite what people think, young people are quite pleasant when given a chance, and listened to.

I had resolved to do this artwork though, the night before. The “lead teacher” for my grade level has been notably absent for some time, and over the summer had trouble with both meeting times, and preparedness for those meetings. I haven’t really seen him except for a brief appearance on “set up” day, but ostensibly we are working from the same set of lesson plans, which were “created” in the early summer. Of those “creations,” the lion’s share are actually on my desk, in an old fashioned black and white composition book. I drew this with the imagined idea that it would be asked for, or even that I would be asked to share it with a new teacher at our grade level.

That didn’t happen.

However, oddly at the end of the day, I had a teacher that I have never met come to me, and inform me that he in fact, would have two class sections of English at my grade level. He was curious about the course content, and my lesson plans, so I shared the book, and the plan layout. I offered to make copies, and copies of my weekly plans. Upon a cursory examination of the plans for this week and next, he told me that he was not “ready to fly with the Eagles,” and promptly departed.

Wait, what?

I @#$% you not, True Believers.

The troubling part is…although they are good lesson plans, they are not particularly bold, creative, or innovative. What they are is “beginning of the year” plans, so there is a good chunk of data gathering and baseline establishment. Also…they do involve a fair amount of teacher prep, interaction with students/guided discussion, and effort on the instructor side as a lecturer and/or facilitator.

As I drove home, I thought about that…going over the lesson contents in my mind. The contrast between the two people I should plan with gave way to a similarity of sorts. It became clear that the meetings for unified lesson planning at our grade level should be interesting, especially with one position currently unfilled.

Clearly, the art is about this subject matter. Pony, once again, is thinking about a poo with knives sticking out of it. Some things, Gentle Reader, are unshakable constants.


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