Casual Fridays.

In the eighties, both Mr. Sinister and Conan the Barbarian had noodly capes.

In the eighties, both Mr. Sinister and Conan the Barbarian had noodly capes.

It is the end of the first week of school, and my first week as a High School teacher. Things have been efficient, the most efficient that I have ever seen a school start, in all my time teaching. So efficient that I was able to get off to an even more aggressively productive start academically than ever before.

The art, then, is about an odd thing. Odd to me at least…perhaps it is a part of High School teacher “culture.”

On Friday, huge numbers of staff wear clothes about the school. Polo shirts, t-shirts, pants, shorts…I have already seen a truly VAST diversity of clothes about my new school, worn by staff. Some of them wear it daily. For myself, I have been going out of my way to look more “teacherly” than I used to, which has been a fascinating adventure in relative discomfort. It’s why the protagonist has been wearing the same basic style of clothing as the Beastial Knights that hired her back in June or so, to be part of the Knights of the East Side.

Still…there is a drive to get bags for the teachers about the school, and all sorts of other things. The Student Store is quite literally right next door to my classroom, I could very easily pop in, buy a shirt of some kind, and be done with it. It doesn’t sit right with me for some reason, though, I’m not comfortable with that just yet. Perhaps it was the instability of my last school, or the ugliness of my departure. Perhaps, at the heart of it, I’ve never had all that much school spirit, even as a student.

It’s odd, because even relatively newly minted teachers seem to have some of the “school gear.” Like a cult maybe, or fraternity pledges. I feel a little badly making that negatively connotated comparison, because it is actually a culture to which I am the outsider, and can easily be somewhat wrong about it. Or just not seeing the importance of it, in keeping the student body on task and unified.

It was kind of fun drawing that huge Muppet Troll of some kind. The proportions are wacky, he doesn’t need to be even remotely proportionate, and his sword is actually bigger than our hero. Note that he ISN’T wearing the same suit as the other Beast Knights, in the same way that the Antler King, a recurring character that we saw again yesterday isn’t. The Antler King doesn’t have tenure, so there’s that…despite me calling him the Antler King, he cannot “walk the walk” as it were. That’s the point of the character.

In the case of the Muppet Troll…I wanted to put forth someone that was friendly, and happy to talk to the protagonist, but intimidating because of his sheer size. In much the same way that I’m mildly cautious of the droves of teachers somewhat junior to me, many in the early stages of their careers, that seem genuinely friendly, but also part of something that I am not.

In terms of the Noodle Cape…fantasy art often depicts coarse furs as very very thick. Conan certainly has had his share of bear or wolf capes that could just as easily have been made from sheets of brown ramen noodles. I don’t know that we will see the Noodle Cape much…it was a huge hassle to draw. I’m actually surprised that the protagonist has been wearing the Knights of the East Side Suit all week…that’s a bit of a hassle too. Maybe that’s a bit of my interest in school spirit showing itself in an odd way, that no one will really interact with.

Just like the Muppet Troll, staff have been friendly, and taken an interest in the kinds of things that I’m wearing, even though they are not emblazoned with the school mascot. It’s very promising, and makes me think that MAYBE by cautionary feelings are some kind of transference from the prior venue.

As it is, in the absence of School Related Clothing, I may very well go more casual, and wear my Quidditch Jersey. Could be a plan.

I want to point out…these are my new problems. I haven’t had an entire schedule done wrong, nor have I broken up any fights. I haven’t heard of any fights in fact. No confrontations with admin, in fact, administration is friendly, kind, and accommodating. Supplies are delivered promptly, and the students are generally on task and quite nice to deal with. My “problems” involve not having the same clothes as everyone else.

Pretty much a good thing.


One thought on “Casual Fridays.

  1. You should put your button machine to work and make something that combines school spirit and comic books. Or perhaps you could dress up your pony in the appropriate school spirit attire so you don’t have to. It seems to me that creative solutions abound.

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