Triple Sized Issue: Interesting Times.

The end of a good week, spent at Hobo Starbucks.

The end of a good week, spent at Hobo Starbucks.

The art (which was a real hassle to go digital with this time) says it all. At the end of the smoothest opening I have had in some time, the weekend is much needed rest. Even though the week was smooth, getting used to the schedule of being in class is a transition. From doing nothing but nursing a bad arm all summer, to five shows a day is quite a transition. Still, the week was efficient and rewarding, with a large degree of satisfaction attached. The art, I think, suggests that.

Still, I felt I needed to draw the piece below to go with it. The author of Superheroes and Ponies (find the link to your right) has been telling me for some time to get a new job. She was quite sure that a change of venue would be good for me, and that I would be excellent wherever I went. Typically, I was hard headed and stubborn about that, only making the change when certain idiosyncratic and arguably arbitrary criteria were fulfilled.

It turns out that she was right, but is out of town at the moment. It bums me out that I haven’t been able to share the excellence of the past week with my friend, but most importantly, that she couldn’t bask in the glory of being right about the whole thing. Sure, she gets that next week, but I prefer the immediate gratification. Since she is out of town, the lazy pony below, and its Tea Dragon, will have to convey the message:

You can see the chamomile growing on the back of the Tea Dragon.

You can see the chamomile growing on the back of the Tea Dragon.

That pony is speaking from some real authority from its Mall Massage Chair, and preparing to get some tea leaves to make tea popsicles from it’s weird dragon pet. I actually saved a version of this image without the “I told you so” in it, so that in the future, when other things turn out to be “that way,” I can just fill in the speech balloon with a pronouncement. I would have had her say it herself, but she’s out of town…so the job was farmed out to her ponies.

If this pony isn't careful, it might turn into a flabricorn, through laziness.

If this pony isn’t careful, it might turn into a flabricorn, through laziness.

The final art piece for today is related to an interaction with a student, on the last day of the first week. I have a quiet young lady in my morning homeroom class, who has dyed her hair a vibrant blue. Her clothing is generally pretty goth, and it’s clear that we both shop at Hot Topic. Friday I chose to be more “casual” since the rest of the staff was going to be wearing clothes about the school. Maybe being more casual is what brought about the interaction, maybe it was the way I decorated the classroom. I can’t say.

Later in the day, while I was standing at the door in passing period, she stopped to say hello to me. Reaching to her coat, festooned with numerous badges and pins, she took one off, and said “I’d like you to have my Harley Quinn pin.” It was so simple, so charming, and so welcoming. I immediately put it on, and told the young lady that I was honored.

It set a tone for the rest of my day, and was emblematic of the week. As a result, when I got home, I drew this, completed on Saturday morning:

Therapy Clown is back!

Therapy Clown is back!

I’m pretty enthusiastic, but keep reminding myself that it is only day four. Things SHOULD go pretty smoothly in the first week. Still, it was a smooth, efficient opening, that seemed suggestive of a kind of effective management that allows an educator to actually teach. I’m hoping that this is something that maintains, as the year goes on.

Right now…I’ll take it. It’s a pleasant change from scheduling errors, classroom interruptions, campus violence, and inefficiency laced with excuses.


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