And Now…the Edu-Mountain!

Look!  The Noodle Cape is Back!

Look! The Noodle Cape is Back!

I’ve been needing to draw the setting of the Edu-Mountain for some time, since the beginning of this story line. Parts of it have been seen, the sides of mountains, the unexplored bowels of the mountain itself, various elements of the area, but we haven’t seen a straight up exterior shot of it. I have been meaning to do one for some time, and this week seemed like a good time to do it. Note the Kirby-esque technology of the Edu-Mountain…I wanted something that evoked a fantastic technological feel, but retro. I wanted a setting that would be like the Thundercats’ Lair, but more industrial, and also evoke the same feelings as King Randor’s Royal Palace from He-Man, but with a more “lived in” feel.

“Lived in,” but not used or used up. My school’s campus is beautiful, an oasis in an industrial neighborhood of warehouses and shipping. There is NO graphitti or tagging whatsoever, which is amazing to me…at both my prior schools that was a constant problem. The buildings are well maintained, and the campus is generally very pleasant to be on. I felt the exterior Edu-Mountain should reflect that kind of thing, the feeling of a hidden oasis of safety and learning.

It is also a rare depiction of our protagonist flying under her own power. She is well established as having a fairly generic set of Silver Age Alien American superpowers, with the notable exception of supersenses, or laser vision. She can fly…she just isn’t good at it, for whatever reason. Just like she’s invulnerable, pretty much, and super strong…you know, the basic things you expect from superheroes. The Noodle Cape seemed to fit well in the flight context, although interestingly, it actually makes her much harder to draw…even though it hides her. It has to hide her in a way that suggest that she is behind the Noodle Cape, which is harder than you think.

The Kirby-esque design is key to the end of the week’s post as well. Friday is “Wake Up And Draw” day, where artists wake up and draw either a Kirby homage, or one of his characters, and auction them to support the charitable institution “Hero Initiative.” I’ve been slaving away to clear my art chores so that I can make a pretty great post that day, and getting into the style of his design for this long overdue piece was key.

Anyway, this was basically a brief post about the environment of this new high school. Inviting, clean, well maintained, with an element of some history to it. A have of sorts, amidst warehouses and meatpacking plants, a place promising a different kind of future.

If I were to be all poetic about it.

Next Issue: A Challenge Met!


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