Aloha Week Begins!

Chaotic and busy, sure.  Tiring, yes.  But...not unpleasant.

Chaotic and busy, sure. Tiring, yes. But…not unpleasant.

“Aloha Week” has begun! Today (I’m writing at the end of Monday, leading into Tuesday) was not over packed with activities, but busy. The Disney Day dress code theme happened, and a small population of students rose to the occasion. Mostly with mouse ears. My plush Elsa was a big hit, especially with the idea that she was on hand to remind me to “Let It Go.” That got a decent laugh whenever I said it, so I’m not complaining.

Clubs set up their tables on campus to recruit members. Somehow, I have become the advisor to a club…we will see how that goes. They seem friendly, and needed an adult to sponsor them. As that went on, Disney Music was played over large speakers in the park like area at the center of campus. Various games of “skill” were held, like a donut eating contest, and a tricycle race. All in all, it was a pretty nice day, and as the week goes on, other such events will happen. I’m apparently going to be on hand as an “adult supervisor” for all of them.

Supervising was not that hard at all. Unlike other schools, where there needed to be a constant level of effort at controlling the students and preventing anti-social behavior, in this situation it was more a “be on hand for accidents” kind of mentality. There was no need for me to direct much of anything, it was more of an avenue for having positive time with the young people I’m attempting to teach English to. It was hard to adjust to, after sixteen years of managing bizarre behaviors, and certainly I didn’t fully adjust today. I had an odd sort of hyper vigilance that wasn’t needed at all.

Still, I had a pretty good time, and am looking forward to the rest of the week’s activities. I still don’t grasp the Aloha Theme, but that’s not my problem.

The art reflects the day. An odd visual theme, a monster kaiju beast of some kind lurking far away, perhaps the four miles away of my old school. Who can tell? Our hero is tired, and a bit confused, but not unhappy. Pony, on the other hand, is staying vigilant, with a good veneer of anger, to keep anything from “going badly.” A solid metaphor for the vents of the day.

Next Issue: The End of a Pay Period!


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