They seem relieved...

They seem relieved…

There isn’t a whole lot of depth to this one. It’s then end of the pay period, at the tail end of summer. Teachers tend to spend a bit more money than they should before returning to school, and going to a new school site seems to exacerbate that. You overdo things like classroom set up, and in this case, I made a big fuss over more “teacherly” attire. All of that stuff costs money, and at the end of summer, you’re already spending more money. Being in class cuts you spending down to the bone.

It’s not like you are going to go out to lunch. There’s no such thing as taking a “long lunch’ even. If you’re teaching a class, and really delivering content, you certainly aren’t browsing the internet, much less internet shopping. There’s no way to get bored and do something expensive…you’re stuck at school. There’s no stepping out of the office, or anything like that. Classroom teachers become frugal because of the very nature of the job.

BEFORE getting back to school though, the vacation months hit a crescendo, where you are trying to squeeze in the last bits of vacation while simultaneously “getting ready for the new school year,” which usually involves conspicuous consumption. That puts you in a position like the one in the art, where you realize the end of the pay period has come quite Close to the Bone.

It is the peril of a monthly pay schedule.

Still, the bills are paid, and class is going well enough. Considering the nerves that I had going into this new situation, those small favors from the Edu-Mountain are more than enough to make me unworried about a short term solvency problem. To be honest though, Iceman looks a little upset about it, above.

During the summer, I drew Iceman a couple of times, and decided that I found him interesting to do, based off of his Marvel Animation model. We will probably see him every now and then as a result of that, as well as him being a high profile gay superhero. Diversity, people, it’s pretty important.

Despite my relative poverty, “Aloha Week” continues at school, and is going pretty well. Today I had a unique experience that I may even do a future post about. During the lunch Pep Rally, sponsored by the Cheerleaders, the DJ ran many “Line Dance” numbers. In short order, the Leadership Class and the Cheerleaders called me up, to dance with them. I was beyond terrible, but it was the first time ever that I have been in a cheer number.


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