Aloha Week…the Culmination!

Who knows if that zebra guy made a good call or not?  Certainly not out hero.

Who knows if that zebra guy made a good call or not? Certainly not out hero.

The Zebra Referee captured my imagination, and mugged it. I hope you like him as much as I do. Also, check out all the chimpy looking, not so evolved fans in the background. That might be a pretty bold statement about my feelings on American Football and its fan base, what with the heavy handed metaphor, and lack of evolution on the fan base. Or…it may be fun to just draw chimpy looking people. I am equally as confused by Football as the Alien American protagonist, for sure.

Still…the art is intended to be about a kind of spectacle that I am included in, yet coming to as an outsider. Something intended to be fun and rewarding, but very much understood by others. I’m writing this the night before what will be the single longest school day I have ever been professionally involved in. I’m a bit nervous.

I’ll be getting in to school at a bit after seven in the morning. Teaching a full, albeit regular day of classes, with lunchtime supervision of a pep rally. All of that is pretty ordinary, although somewhat more effort and energy at this new school, given the greater level of order and student motivation. All in all, very approachable.

After that, the new territory starts. There is a Junior Varsity Football game after school. That’s at four PM, and “Back To School” Night starts at five PM and runs to seven. At that point, I would be at a twelve hour day, but the day is NOT scheduled to be over. At seven, a Varsity Football game starts, and at eight, the “Aloha Dance,” which will run until ELEVEN. I am told to expect to leave at midnight.

That’s a long day. Dramas already ensue…the dance is scheduled, green lit, and moving forward, but one of the leadership officers wants to cancel it. Almost no tickets have been sold at this point…which is a problem, because the tickets raise funds to pay for other activities. The funds to pay for the DJ haven’t yet materialized, which is a whole other level of problem, and I’m not sure how that is being dealt with. Solutions to all of those issues will have to happen “on the fly.”

In addition, I have no idea what to expect from this “Back to School” night. I know that I will be handling it in a completely different way than I have in years. No more meeting in a room with the rest of my team of teachers…this is entirely a two hour long solo gig. In both English and Spanish, which is a challenge, despite my being pretty solid at Spanish. Normally that effort alone, with a team behind me, is exhausting. The rest of the day, with all of those activities…it’s going to be a pretty tall order.

Still, speaking with a friend tonight, he commented that I haven’t been at a school that even had these kinds of activities in the past. The observation was pretty telling…there are so many activities for students to be involved in, it is a powerful motivator to stay on task with classes. Perhaps that partially accounts for the better conduct, and the greater sense of order that I’m seeing at school. I don’t know, and on some level, I don’t want to look too hard into it. Like a magic trick, I don’t want to spoil it by knowing exactly how it works…just enjoy that it does.

Regardless of the factors that add up to the successful model, when this post goes live, I’ll need to be a pretty active part in making it successful. The most daunting thing is the sheer number of hours attached to it, and the unknown quantities.

By the next post…it will all be done. The Aloha Dance will have culminated, I will have driven home in the dark, to report upon the days events. I’m told that one of the key elements in the dance is not destroying the all important gym floor with high heeled shoes. As concerns go, it is a whole lot tamer than what I’ve been used to True Believers.

Next Issue: A Day Off, and the Gamesters! Be there!


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