The Soothsayer’s Prediction.

Thanks, dude.  Just because you are a dwarf and wearing a robe in the forest, doesn't mean you're right.

Thanks, dude. Just because you are a dwarf and wearing a robe in the forest, doesn’t mean you’re right.

By Friday, my first High School Grade Report is due. I’m a bit stressed out about it. obviously, that’s the “quest” mentioned in the artwork above.

Honestly, the day of this post, Tuesday, I should have all the information I need for that grading report laid out in a convenient roster grid, with points per assignment, for every single student. I will be double checking it, and providing “second chances” all day long, and lo0oking at late work all week, up until the final day. All for a grade report that is “pass/fail,” or as I like to call it, “problem/no problem.”

Why the stress? Why is that deformed lion beastial suggesting total failure? Because this is my first High School Grade Report, and High School comes with Real Consequences. Athletes can be benched, and transcript GPA scores matter for college entrance. For the first time, my crossing of T’s and dotting of I’s has real impact on student lives in an immediate and meaningful sense.

Also…because I have two hundred students now. That’s over double the student load that I previously carried, and without an effective team of teachers to support me. This is Flying Solo, Working Without A Net. I want to make sure it’s perfect because of the real consequences attached, and the large number of students involved.

Thankfully…the overwhelming majority of my students are massively on point with their assignments. Very few are in danger of failing, or failing, making this an easy enough grade milestone. There are a few though, and I wish that I had a better way to communicate to them that they should simply get their business squared away.

I’m obviously not too worried, because that lion man is more like a drunken bum in the fantasy world, a down on his luck sage handing out adversarial wisdom for the sake of being intimidating. As soothsayer of negativity, if you will, who can easily be disregarded by hard work. One hopes, at least. Some of those soothsayers set a pretty negative tone…just ask Julius Caesar.

2 thoughts on “The Soothsayer’s Prediction.

  1. I like how you’ve managed to stick with the new costume, loin cloth and all. I have to say though that your sage looks more like an overgrown (and anthropomorphized) porcupine than a dwarf lion. Also, that sage better be careful, or it could end up as a new noodle coat (the protagonist seems to have left hers behind). 🙂

    • Yeah…I kind of hate the new costume, on a lot of levels. I’m figuring it’s probably the vogue for the current semester, at least. I see your point about the porcupine for the sage…he is pretty pointy. I’ll go with that judgement, it works better for him to be a huge porcupine, I think.

      The noodle cape is a really a last minute choice, whenever I draw the current uniform. Sometimes it seems like time for a cape made out of ramen, sometimes it doesn’t. If the sage is a porcupine, AND futher turned into a ew cape…I’m thinking the noodles would be undercooked.

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