And So Begin The Five Trials!

Although I am being evaluated this year, the reveal was not this creepy.

Although I am being evaluated this year, the reveal was not this creepy.

Seriously, I wanted a sort of “crow wizard” that was just going to be uber creepy. I think that guy fits the bill.

As it is, teachers are supposed to be evaluated every two to five years. Although technically I was evaluated a few years past, apparently the change of schools and inconsistency of teacher evals the last time around combined to put me on the “short list.” Not that big a deal, really. What I have learned over my teaching career is pretty simple: if, when you are evaluated, you happen to be teaching a solid lesson, and doing your job, all goes very well. It’s just that straightforward.

I was a bit put out, since I inquired about this a week ago, and got the song and dance of “we will let you know.” I need to be fair about it, I was told in a timely enough fashion that I’m not behind schedule at all, I just would have gotten some of it done last week. The whole computer system that drives the “interactive evaluation process” is fundamentally flawed, and hard to navigate, so it often takes much longer than it needs to. A head start is key, in my opinion.

That said, pretty much ten minutes after I was told I was on the docket, I sat down at a computer in my room (actually, at THE computer in my room) and did the first step, the “Teacher Self Evaluation.” In areas where I could use improvement, I clicked off two things: attending more than the mandated professional development trainings, and working more collaboratively with other professionals. The first, because I really do only attend the minimum required, and the GATE conference in December out in Pasadena. Honestly, I’m not so sure I’m going to even do that GATE conference this year…my heart isn’t in it. The second, I checked off because upon landing at the Edu-Mountain, I decided that I was pretty much going to “wall in” and not be nearly as much of a team player.

Being a team player helps the school as a whole, and my students. It traditionally has been a high return strategy. In the last months of my old school, all it did was burn me, often savagely, so I sort of need to re-learn how to work and play well with others. It seemed like a legit “area for growth.”

Still..I’m not too happy about the modest amount of extra writing and meetings. Pony is especially unhappy about it, just look at the thought balloon.

This should be my worst problem. Interestingly, an error in the school’s weekly bulletin has much of the staff believing that grades are due some time next week, as opposed to on Friday. They are, in fact, due on Friday…I think if I were feeling wrong about that piece of information, looming far larger and more important, I’d be upset. Thankfully, I consulted the timeline provided by the district, last week, and made my plans based on that.

This afternoon I meet with my Professional Learning Community, the other 10th grade English Teachers. It’s unclear what, in fact, we will be talking and/or meeting about, but in the spirit of improving toward my evaluation, I should be getting motivated about it in some way. Hard to do, as the last meet I had with another teacher at my grade level was the “I am not ready to fly with the eagles” talk.

I wonder what he wrote on his evaluation self assessment? Did it involve eagles? One hopes so.


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