The Force Hits The Snooze Button.

This pretty much sums up my recent success rate at the X-Wing Miniatures Game.

This pretty much sums up my recent success rate at the X-Wing Miniatures Game.

Last year, my friend and I picked up the X-Wing: Miniatures game by Fantasy Flight Games. At the inception, we were pretty evenly competitive with each other, with him arbitrarily having chosen to play, and buy, Imperial ships. Maybe that has something to do with him being an attorney, and thus more naturally inclined to Evil Empires…I don’t know. What I do know, is that as of late he is kicking my @$% up and down the tabletop with his tiny, mean spirited spaceships. It is by no means an even match any longer…my friend has clearly demonstrated a greater expertise at the game.

By far.

When our buddy showed up to join, he played a new round with my ships. We taught him the rules, and in no time, he picked it up…the game is pretty user friendly like that. The part that really brought home that my starfighter tactics need some review, is that he won the game…where with the same ships, against the same player, I had my @#$ handed to me. Clearly, I became the Weak Player, despite having put together a pretty solid “squad” of tiny spaceships.

Regardless of my empirical lack of talent, the game remains very fun to play, and I highly recommend it. Even if your pilots turn out to be Ewoks and Depressed Goggles Ponies, like mine, it’s pretty amusing. It quite literally is a bunch of really neat, tiny Star Wars toys, with a set of rules for playing with them. Hard to get more amusing than that.

I drew the page above while sitting at the table, in the second round…where I wasn’t playing, but was somehow still being schooled. I also drew a companion piece, more of a sketch, based on the image I remember from my old Star Wars lunch box in the late 1970s. Here’s that art, again, just a sketch really:

Pretty much how it felt playing the game...!

Pretty much how it felt playing the game…!

I’m pretty happy with that as a quick, freehand sketch, and the TIE Fighter came out well. They are startlingly hard to draw, because it’s easy to get the proportions of the “wings” wrong, and then the whole ship looks off. That TIE must be remote controlled though…because the cockpit would need to be larger to hold an actual person. Maybe there’s a robot or droid inside running it. Who can say?

After drawing it, from the miniatures on hand (and memory of the lunchbox) I went home and looked up the original lunchbox art. The angle is different than I remember…a bit. Still, it’s a very familiar piece, and the tone of it was captured in the sketch. I did angle the “wings” of the TIE inward on the lower seemed right to do, but upon inspection of even the models in the set…they aren’t.

C’est le vie. Let’s have a look at my old lunchbox.

I never realized how "gold" the X-Wing used to look in print images.

I never realized how “gold” the X-Wing used to look in print images.

So…there we have it. The post was late by a day because I was playing X-wing and drawing, two things that I highly recommend doing. Despite the tardiness, we have two pieces of art, so I feel okay about it.

Next Issue: Rosh Hashanah…a Day Off!


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