We Don’t Seem To Have a Round Table…

I drew this all day BEFORE the meeting.  It proved prophetic.

I drew this all day BEFORE the meeting. It proved prophetic.

So, this actually gave the noodle cape a purpose. That is, a purpose besides being a cape made out of ramen noodles of some kind. You’ll note that there are about three knives stuck in the noodle cape, where if she didn’t have the noodle cape, they would bounce off of her armor, or nigh invulnerable skin. Much like Achilles of Greek Myth, our hero just wears the armor as a show of “membership” in the club of established heroes.

Still…even with that, I think people would have respected Achilles much more if he just wore a toga and carried a two by four with a nail sticking out of it. Being invulnerable (or nigh invulnerable, as it were) he could have sold that easily, and looked like a total bad @#$ while doing it.

Still, the noodle cape, which is unique, allowed that sight gag, so I think it just earned its keep. Also, this is the only time that the noodle cape has been shown drawn around our protagonist, instead of flowing behind her.

After school today, were were supposed to have our Professional Learning Community Meeting, of the English Teachers at my grade level. I planned around this, making decisions about what I could get done after school, and so forth. Heck, the meeting was supposed to be in my classroom. All of that being said, at about 2:30 an email went out cancelling that meeting, and at 2:55 a text message to the same effect. This was because of a conflict with another meeting, which could just as easily have been discovered and announced, say, yesterday. It’s not the first time that kind of thing has happened with these meetings, in fact, during the summer a similar last minute cancellation happened. That’s why in panel one, the Lord of Antlers is shown shoving harmless daggers into our hero’s back. It’s annoying, sure, but not really important.

Let’s put a fine point on this…I got an e-mail, at the last minute, cancelling a meeting in my own room. Epic Level Chutzpah.

She can just pick those daggers out of the noodles later…just like I could just get in my car and go home.

Still…the rest of the PLC is…well, in trouble, hence panel two. We have the Chicken Knight, who remains unwilling to Fly with the Eagles, and the Squirrel King, off duty but still saving nuts. Pretty much this sums up the situation…the other teacher that showed up was still unsure about beginning the unit that I am in the process of finishing, and pretty happy with textbook work applications. The teacher across the way is a long term sub, and those subs are not paid extra for meetings, and tend to simply squirrel away work hours until the next long term gig. Not really the model of unified educational planning and objectives.

Needless to say…after getting the messages, we did not actually have the meeting in question. Yesterday, in fact, I was questioning just what in fact I would get from such a meeting. Today, I have an answer.

I got mild frustration, because I did in fact, plan on having this meeting. It suggested that the educational follow through by my peers was…less than stellar, which is a bit disheartening. Administration surely is strong with follow through, and very much on point with things, which I have to admit I’ve grown unused to.

Still, as problems go, I’ll take these. They really don’t amount to much, and my class is going extremely well. The idea that “team planning” isn’t turning out to be as good as it was cracked up to be is a minor problem, in the grand scheme of educational issues.

Heck…I needed to have those little daggers in the noodle cape just to have some action in the strip. That’s a good thing.


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