Late Arrivals at the Danger Park.

Rudy has been consistently late for over twenty years.

Rudy has been consistently late for over twenty years.

That doesn’t make us like him any less, it’s just an important, nay…and integral part of his personality and make up. For important things, he always comes through.

Today is Yom Kippur, which I have off. I considered doing artwork and a post about that, but really did not have it in me. Being Jewish is more of a cultural identification for me…the religious parts of it don’t hold much weight, no big influence on my life. This is the Day of Atonement, where you’re supposed to fast, so that your sins will be acknowledged and your penance about it made note of.

It seems a bit silly to me, after Star Trek V. In that film, Kirk asks this powerful, cosmic being claiming to be God, what the @#$% God would need with his ship, the Enterprise. It was a pretty solid question, that applies here. If I stop to think about it, what does an all powerful god care if I don’t eat for a day, one way or the other? It seems to me that would be like a kid seriously worrying about one particular ant in their ant farm.

As a result, today’s strip was about fencing practice on Monday.

I am slowly getting my cardio endurance back by drilling, and going to the club pretty regularly, at least for the past couple of weeks. More importantly, I’ve been seriously taking the advice of older fencers on how to modify my “game” to better address the fact that I am considerably older than I was the last time I was a serious competitor. In middle age, it’s more about talent and strategy than being the tornado of action and athleticism that I used to be. I can still bring that out, for a few touches, and then I pretty much feel like I want to throw up in my mask. Not a good feeling.

Now…bringing that out is a strategy, a means of keeping my opponent “honest” as it were. The club meets at 8PM, in the recreation center in a nearby park…that’s why the setting here is the “Danger Park.” The X-Men have a Danger Room to train in…you see the naming convention. We all got there pretty promptly at eight, and started our various warm ups. By about eight thirty, an energetic “round robin” had started, and pretty much every person that shows up is an A-list fencer, so it’s challenging. Extremely so.

At 9:15, my old teammate and close friend, Rudy, strolls in the @#$% door. Fresh as a daisy. By this point, I’m wondering if my uniform will ever be clean again, directing a bout while simultaneously trying to breathe. The only thing I could say was what the protagonist said in the first panel…”@#$%ing Rudy! Do you even own a watch?” For years, this has been my buddy’s modus operandi, asking it to change is like asking the sky to no longer be blue. In fact, I’m fairly certain that he looks forward to my griping and yelling, since he knows it’s pretty much my way of saying that I’m very glad to see him.

So there. Today, on my day off, I wrote and posted art about something that really matters to me. It just wasn’t the Holy Day that I’m supposed to be observing.

C’est le vie.

We can bet that we will see more of Rudy in the strip. He was too much fun to draw, being very proper, but still looking effective, to not return.


One thought on “Late Arrivals at the Danger Park.

  1. Very cool that Rudy made an appearance in TOA and that it featured a commentary on his lack of punctuality. 🙂 Also, and I know you don’t want to hear this, but as an “older fencer” you might want to try slumming it with épée sometime. 😉

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