I promised action this week..!

I promised action this week..!

I didn’t address this lead image with color, because I didn’t want to set myself up for the easy cheap shots at the “Edge of Spider-Verse” No. 2 reprints, with variant covers, on sale a few blocks away from my house in Culver City. It is, however, just over a year (pretty much a year and a day) since Comic Bug opened its Culver City location, replacing the retired Comics Ink. At least replacing it in the retail location.

I still haven’t been in. This week, possibly because of the anniversary, people have been contacting me about it a whole lot, and complaining. A part of me has wanted to take a walk in, and see what the layout is, just see what the general vibe is. However, a huge amount of the feedback I’ve gotten from old friends is that I wouldn’t be too welcome, which is a mixed review. A part of me loves the idea of inspiring that kind of discomfort, another part does not want to Feed the Beast.

As a result, I’m going to do the thing I like doing best…talk briefly about events happening at Comic Book Stores that I DO endorse. For starters, Pulp Fiction is having a number of events and sales that might be worth a look. If you like Buffy or Serentity, the are having a serious Joss Whedon Sale…now Thru Sep 30th. All your favorite Joss Whedon series – Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Serenity, Astonishing X-Men – are 50% OFF cover price. That’s a pretty big deal, and easy to find on the well organized table. Plus…it’s comics for fewer dollars, which i always am on board with. In addition, for October through December, the “All New, All Different” Marvel No.1’s are at 50% off cover price…which makes it even easier as a “jumping on point” for readers. So, there’s that.

On Halloween, which is a Saturday this year, Pulp Fiction will still be having in free all-ages comics and in store activities, even with Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo happening at the same time. The Next Week, EMET Comics (Romeo &Juliet and Guns, Zana, Helena Rose, The Wendy Project, Joan of Light and D’Arc) will be at Culver City Pulp Fiction from 5PM to 8PM on Wednesday, Nov 4th. They are a local publisher with a focus on female writers and artists…so for those trying to get into the industry, it’s a pretty worthwhile meet and greet.

That’s a lot of stuff going on, at the Culver City hop that again, I DO endorse, Pulp Fiction. When I compare the constant deep discount structure at Pulp Fiction, and friendly vibe to the idea that Comic Bub is having a “super awesome sale” from 2-4 AM this weekend, on 24 Hour Comics Day…hmm. I think the win column is pretty clear on this, True Believers.

Still, the art came from the idea of maybe going in, followed by the idea that no, you can’t go home again…because things change. That Bug Man being smacked around is partly my anger about the poor treatment of my friends by people that bug me, and partly the reality that I do get to recommend things that I DO like…which is ultimately the most important and forceful thing. Notice that I Told You So Pony is back, in a Moebius Chair, and seems happy with the satisfaction of distributing knowledge of goodness, instead of talking trash.

Well…a little trash.

There’s a “B” image today, though! Lets look!

If you don't speak Spanish, she's saying, "No.  We had a popularity contest yesterday."

If you don’t speak Spanish, she’s saying, “No. We had a popularity contest yesterday.”

See…this is why “Homecomings” in the title is plural. In addition to not being able to go home to Comics Ink…my school has it’s Homecoming Game and Dance today. I got roped into helping with the election of the Homecoming King and Queen, planning the event, painting benches (weird, right) and supervising the dance itself. This is beyond odd, because I’ve never participated in Homecoming at all in any school I’ve attended.

It’s not a bad thing…there’s a bustle of activity all the time, and students are pretty interested in it. The actual voting for King and Queen, and their underclassmen Court is a pretty straightforward popularity contest, but then again, so is a lot of Student Leadership and Government. The students mostly seem to be excited that there is a social event, and that the even revolves around a Sport that is Important. See the capital letters? That’s pretty much how it is treated.

Still…there are inefficiencies in getting all of these things together. For instance, the ticket costs for Homecoming kept changing, and then spontaneously they became free to students (but not guests). That change created a need to set up a refund for purchased tickets, and a new way to fund the DJ. These are problems to have, however…a far cry from the Hater driven madness of last year.

Panel one was fun to draw, and I like the little Frog Prince. Panel Two is busy, and the protagonist’s huge 80’s hair is a stark contrast to the Tiger Lady’s compressed luchador style mask. Our hero is holding the crown, Tiger Lady is explaining the governmental system of Homecoming, and Pony is angry…as is usual. The Tiger Lady’s Popularity Contest is certainly no worse a way to determine a system of government than frogs pulling pieces of cutlery out of geological formations…but I’m not sure if it is any better.

Regardless, I will apparently be presiding over a significant portion of this business today. In theory, a pretty fun post will come afterward.

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