Get Thee To A Meeting!

This happened.  Well, without the Rock Troll.  But beside that, it happened...again.

This happened. Well, without the Rock Troll. But beside that, it happened…again.

There are a large number of meetings in my new school. A LARGE number. What I’m noticing is that some of them are canceled at the last minute (has happened more than once) and then, oddly, rescheduled with little to no advance notice. This would be just fine for me, if I didn’t intend to try and have some kind of life outside of the workplace.

The art refers to exactly that sort of thing. A meeting that was cancelled without notice twice last week, leaving me waiting around for pretty much no reason…which was in turn followed by me volunteering for a thirteen hour day followed by an eighteen hour day. Huge, right? After those two days…telling me to spend another hour after school, without prior notice, takes Epic Level Chutzpah.

I did take it upon myself to mention this, a bit pointedly, in the meeting when it finally happened. I made it clear that I had someplace else to be at that time, and had cleared the time anyway, in contrast to the common last minute cancellations. The strong suggestion was made that the time of such meetings could be standardized, so that we could all plan around them. Thankfully, the administrator in the room fully endorsed this plan, and basically set the time in Stone.

The next step…a much harder step, in fact, is to make the meetings productive, and after that, useful to me. I’m finding that I am a Net Exporter of Educational Ideas, Plans and Content, by no desire of my own to be so. I’ve reined in that tendency, on the advice of a very close friend of mine, and doing so has made my life and work profoundly simpler, taking responsibility for only the form and function of my five class sections. You don’t ever get something for nothing, though…a direct byproduct is that these frequent meetings leave me with little or nothing to do, since my plans are written in advance, and I’m not getting any creative or useful input from my peers.

Meh. I can live with it. I always have my drawing board.


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