You Can Dance If You Want To…

Poor Belle.

Poor Belle.

It’s the weekend, with a grade report due at the end of the coming week. Grading is coming along pretty well, and being ten weeks in, starting to settle into a more predictable, more bell curve related pattern, which I find comforting. If too many students skew too high on grades, I feel as if I am being too harsh…if grades skew too low, I wonder if I am being unfair. The net grading system is settling into a pretty predictable, pretty fair curve, and that’s a source of comfort.

In addition, the student that seemed to have suffered Harsh Consequences, to be banished from the Edu-Mountain, was returned to me today. Perhaps my intervention helped him out, perhaps it didn’t. Regardless, I was very happy to see him today, and expressed this both in class, and out. He seemed pretty happy as well, to have someone making such a fuss. To his credit, he had done all of the work that was due for the week that he missed, for all of this drama, and turned it in immediately.

Precisely why I have an interest in the young gentleman. Not a perfect young person by any means, but responsible enough, as well as intellectually interesting.

The art is about the weekend though. I have a number of social engagements to attend, with varying levels of discomfort attached. For my part, I’m exhausted, and would prefer just crashing out for the entirety of the weekend, waking up periodically to eat and draw. It seems that this won’t be allowed, as my presence is demanded at all manner of social engagements.

The thing is, I get to a level of exhaustion where I pretty much Stop Censoring my mouth. Social Engagements might not be the order of the day, with my current level of being tired.

The art is about being social. Belle is a princess, and has certain expectations about dinner. She expects the silverware and other stuff to get up and dance, and @#$%ing amuse her. That’s what she, quite literally, brings to the table. Our hero, on the other hand, is tired, and just doesn’t understand the mentality of trying to make silverware dance. That heavy handed metaphor describes pretty much a large amount of my upcoming time.

Still…I have in mind the artwork for about three days! That means, that in all probability, I’ll be able to get significantly ahead of schedule with the strip. That hasn’t happened in a long time, and I’m hoping that it does this weekend.

Fingers crossed, True Believers.


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