Bad Habits: Drinking With Skeletons

An update of one of my favorite pieces, for the Edu-Mountain.

An update of one of my favorite pieces, for the Edu-Mountain.

Done with marker, which I am still terrified of, the colors are really, really bold. I felt like I needed to update this image, the “drinking with skeletons” piece, because there’s a new setting, and new challenges sure…but some things don’t change. I updated it last year, for the major costume change to the Punisher style ensemble, and felt that it should be updated yet again.

Each update of the piece brings with it something new artistically, this time, markers. Last time, a refined inking process. It’s interesting to see the progression, and we will in fact, be looking at the old images.

Why today, though? Good question. After a weekend of social engagements, I’m coming into school to have what is called a “pull out” day. What happens is this: all of the 10th Grade English teachers are pulled out of class (hence the name) and meet together in a conference room, to plan the next unit. On some level, it is a great idea, because this way, you both have the lessons planned for a decent amount of time, AND every teacher is doing more or less the same thing, creating some kind of standardization of content and learning. It’s a good idea.

The thing is…we did this over the summer. In that meeting, I wound up doing a great deal of the “heavy lifting,” and none of the other teachers read the book that we agreed to teach. When I say “didn’t read the book”…I mean both that the teachers didn’t read the book prior to the meeting, and that now, nine weeks in, no one but me has taught the book in class. When that kind of thing happens, it winds up being a waste of time to have such an all day meeting and planning session.

Hence…drawing before the meeting, I very much have the feeling that the protagonist does, that I really don’t want to be @#$%ed with. I want to go into the meeting, and not only have the others be prepared, but actually get something myself from the collaborative process. Those are high hopes, really.

Adding to the confusion, apparently the Counseling Office has decided that during second period I need to be trained in how to proctor the PSAT. That, of course, is at odds with an all day “pull out” and will interrupt said meeting. This kind of thing is pretty typical of Counseling Offices everywhere, though…scheduling without checking other, prior obligations. I’m pretty much going to ask the administrator present what I should do, and then go do it. My tangible fear is that for the fifty one minutes that I am gone, absolutely nothing of value will take place.

Lets take a look at last year’s revision of “Drinking With Skeletons.” Marked by a better color process, and actual inking, it was a milestone in the Process.

The first serious costume change was around this time, too.

The first serious costume change was around this time, too.

The premise here is pretty simple…drinking with skeletons is a bad idea. The booze just goes right through them…even if you’re an Alien American with generic Kryptonian Level superpowers…you are going to be further along than the skeletons. Its that kind of thing that makes you lose your Fortress Key, and wonder whether your dropped it over Moscow, or what.

Here’s the original piece. Entirely in Colored Pencils, including the “inks”. No advanced color process or enhancement at all.

I have a t-shirt of this.

I have a t-shirt of this.

Plus…that’s our hero’s original costume. I was always very fond of it, and she wore it for two years, and then some. These days, it doesn’t feel like she can easily go back to it…although interestingly, she has gone back to it periodically over the last couple of years. It is the costume in which she has most of her appearances.

Before I depart, to do some final drinking with skeletons (metaphorically speaking) before the work week starts, I’ll leave us with the uncolored pencil art, in black and white, for today’s version. The current uniform demands a large amount of shifting of colors, to get it to look right….where the other uniforms had the most work on her jeans.

In case anyone was curious.

Pencils in glorious black and white.

Pencils in glorious black and white.

For those of you interested in the evolutionary process of the art, a major portion of this post was for you.

Next Issue: The Meeting!


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